2023 Easter Gift Guide

2023 Easter Gift Guide

Easter is approaching! And we didn't want you to be caught unawares.

We know that there's almost nothing worse than Holy Saturday coming and not having anything to stuff Easter Baskets with. Don't ask us how we know ;)

But in all seriousness, as we prepare for the greatest feast of the liturgical year, we wanted to make it easy for you to find the things that you need to decorate, gift, and celebrate this Easter season. Below you'll find all of the Easter goodness that the CAY Marketplace has to offer; from Easter Basket Stuffers, to items for your home, to activities and resources to dive into to do as a family.

We would love to help you prepare for Easter so that you can spend less time stressing about all of the things, and more time singing "Jesus Christ Has Risen Today" while you process around your home with your family.

For your kids -

Perfect to put into Easter baskets, or to send to Grandbabies or God-babies!


Shining Light Dolls / Find their Classic Dolls here.

Kid Saint Matching Cards


For men -

Here are some unique Easter gifts to give to the dads, grandpas and uncles in your family!

Don't Make Me Have to Go to Confession Tumbler

AMDG Pocket Knife

Chaplin Kapaun's Near-Miss Aftershave Gel

The Catholic Card Game

Blessing for Beer Bottle Opener

St. Augustine Coasters

Sock Religious

Retro Holy Cards from Spirit Juice

For women -

Something for the moms, grandmas, and aunts in your life, or find something to treat yourself with!

Telos Art

Rosary Wrap Bracelets

Mary Magdalene Pendant

For your house -

Bring the Easter Season into your home in beautiful and tangible ways! At 50 days, Easter is a long season, and having a few physical items around your home that point to the great feast we are celebrating will help you keep celebrating in small ways after the excitement of the Easter Octave begins to fade.

Easter Napkins

Wooden Alleluia Sign with Stand

SmallThingsGr8Love on Etsy

He is Risen Banner

House of Joppa

Alleluia Candle

For your liturgical living -

Would this be a CAY gift guide if we didn't include a few activities and prayer resources for your Easter Season?

All-Natural Egg Dye Kit

Paschal Candle

Catholic All Easter Booklet