A Few Things That Happened on Our Long Weekend

We are spending a lovely long weekend in San Diego at my parents' house, and it has been relaxing . . . yet productive. Mostly productive, I guess. I'm super bad at relaxing. But it was fun.

Here's a quick look at a few things that went down.

1. The New Liturgical Year starts today! So, Happy Catholic New Year to ya.

2. It was Thanksgiving. Turkey was had, Lord of the Rings was watched. We were thankful for things and wrote them on feathers.

3. The girls played dress up in the sequined recital outfits and faux fur capes of my youth, and Lulu admired Jack's old Hokey Pokey Elmo from a safe distance.

4. Speaking of Lulu, she also had a birthday! Lulu is two. She is just such a joy.

Since her birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year, we are having a little party for her next weekend. I asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted to have and she said, "Pied Pedjus" . . . which just goes to show how awesome she is. So, a Pride and Prejudice second birthday it shall be.

Those illustrations are slightly adapted from the Babylit Pride and Prejudice book, which is Lulu's favorite. I have every intention of having a small simple affair, but I have a history of getting carried away . . . so stay tuned.

5. We got together with Ashley of Between the Linens, and her sweet family. And a lovely time was had by all. But even though we are both bloggers, we have no photos to show for it. I guess we're livin' IRL-style, like this old lady . . .

6. The husband and I went on a date, just the three of us. We had sushi and saw the Hunger Games. The sushi was great, the baby was pretty good, the Hunger Games was kind of meh. I really liked the books when they came out, and enjoyed the first couple movies. But this one just missed the mark for me. The giant ocean of oil that appears from nowhere, stops just short of where it would be a danger to the characters, and then magically disappears? And it's not slippery and doesn't stick to shoes. That's not a thing.

And the Eventually Biting Monsters will bite you, but not right away.

I thought the love triangle between Katniss, Peeta, and Gale was presented in a very compelling way in the book. I liked that instead of choosing which man she liked better, it really came down to choosing between the two different people SHE was, when she was with them. I thought that was cool. But in the movie, she seems to just happen to end up with the guy she ends up with because of proximity. Which is less romantic.

7. Speaking of romance . . . Reign.

It's teenaged Mary Queen of Scots and her entourage and the Dauphin of France and his bastard brother. If you're looking to become very unproductive for a short time, go ahead and start it on Netflix.

Season one is really great (in a very soapy CW way, of course). The dresses are excellent, the romance is romantic and PG-13, and it's pretty darn historically accurate. You will then probably go ahead and watch season two afterwards. But when you do, remember that I tried to warn you that it was not romantic, and not in any way historically accurate. Also it seems to be alternately anti-Catholic and anti-Protestant, so, just anti-Christian? And, while it's still PG-13, there are some very tragic things that happen to Mary that are hard to watch.

It still has dresses.

I will probably watch season three whenever that happens.

And that's my honest opinion. But this is a sponsored post.

8. As I was already finished with Reign when I arrived in San Diego, I was able to complete a few projects I had had in the works, including a couple baby blankets that had been partially finished for weeks, and the plans for remodeling the new house (which we may or may not be able to do right away), and I put a few new things into the Cafepress shop at the request of you fine folks. You will now find Catholic quotes about coffee, and butterflies and Bible verses in there.

And there's an all new Toy Story version of the Guardian Angel prayer, in the Etsy shop only.

It's available in square or 8x10. I made it as a commission, see here to find out how to one made for you.

Have a beautiful Advent!