A Little Peek Inside Our Easter Baskets (hint, it's mostly books) PlusGift Ideas and New Easter Printables

Happy Palm Sunday! Hosanna! Easter is one week away! Just in case you haven't finalized your family's Easter baskets, I thought I'd give you a glimpse of what is going to be in ours' this year (and yes, I pretty much JUST took care of all of this) . . .

I've been working on our collection of Advent and Christmas books over the past couple of years, and I'm really pretty satisfied with it these days. (Also, for whatever reason, I'm much better at planning ahead for Christmas. Lent is just SO long.) But our collection of Lent and Easter books is, well, almost nonexistent.

We are consciously minimizing the bringing of toys into the house, since we are all set in that department. So the kids' Easter baskets this year are going to be new Easter clothes and shoes, candy, books, and sidewalk chalk. That's it. But after a nearly-treatless Lent, they would probably be satisfied with just the candy.

Cultural-type Easter books seem a lot farther away from the true meaning of Easter, somehow, than do cultural Christmas books. You know: "Binky Bunny is sad. With the wheel off of his wagon, he and Chipper Chick will NEVER make it to the big Spring Festival on time!" But then, it is SO HARD to find religious Easter books that aren't poorly illustrated or poorly written, or both.

So, I did a lot of looking. And here's what I found in the way of Easter books (plus a couple not-so-Easter books for the older kids). The kids haven't seen them yet, but I think they all look really great.

- for Lulu, 17 months -

The Easter Story, board book
Oliver, board book

- for Frankie, age 3 -

Richard Scarry's The Bunny Book
I am a Bunny, board book

- for Anita, age 5 -

Rechenka's Eggs
The Easter Story

- for Gus, age 7 -

The Egg Tree
The Tale of Three Trees: A Traditional Folktale

- for Bobby, age 9 -

The Story of the Easter Robin
Ed Emberley's Big Green Drawing Book

- for Betty, age 11 -

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes
Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library

- for Jack, age 12 -

Nick and Tesla's Secret Agent Gadget Battle

Nick and Tesla's Super-Cyborg Gadget Glove
These two are the third and fourth books in the Nick and Tesla series. Here is my review of the first two.

Annnd . . . counting up . . . yep. That's all of them. (For this year at least.)

We gave the kids subscriptions to Kiwi Crate for Christmas and have been really happy with it. We get all four of the available crates. Each month, a sturdy cardboard box arrives in the mail with all the supplies the kids need to do a few projects based on a particular theme.

ALL the supplies. The glue, the scissors, everything. Which is really great for me, because I can mostly mange to keep track of the children, but almost never the scissors.

A Kiwi Crate subscription would make a great Easter gift, except that it just comes when it comes in the mail. So . . . just in case that's what's been holding you back, I made up these certificates, that can be printed and put in an Easter basket.

Koala Crate is geared for ages three to five. The projects cover preschool concepts like colors, and music. Frankie can't do the projects on his own, but the older kids help him.

Kiwi Crate is meant for ages four to eight. Anita, Gus, and Bobby all get Kiwi Crate. Bobby is nine, but he still really enjoys the projects.

Betty gets Doodle Crate, which is for ages nine to sixteen plus. The craft projects are great for older girls, and have been things Betty really can use, like a pencil case, or jewelery. And she's been able to give friends and family-members homemade (but actually useable) gifts!

Finally, Jack gets Tinker Crate, which is for ages nine to fourteen. The projects are science, engineering, and robotics-based, and are challenging, but do-able for him on his own. And the projects have given him ideas for things he does on his own later.

And, while I'm mentioning things . . . I'll put in a quick plug here for my book. It would make a thoughtful gift, if I do say so myself, for anyone who has recently made, or will soon make a First Confession. But it's also helpful for anyone, kids OR grownups, who want to know more about the sacrament, and/or approach it well-prepared each time.

A Little Book about Confession for Children
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And now, some free Easter printables for ya!

As with all my printables, you are welcome to right click on the image and save it to your computer for your own personal use. You may print the images and or upload them and have prints made for your personal use or to give as gifts. (These are sized for 8x10 or square but will print well much bigger.) You may use my images on your blog, just please link back to my blog. If you would like to sell my images, please contact me first. To request a custom printable, visit my Etsy shop here.

For LOTS MORE free printable prayers, check out my Pinterest board.

Here is the JPII Easter quote for kids on white:

and on yellow:

And a little more grown up version on white:

and on yellow:

and square on white:

Here are last year's Easter basket suggestions, with free things to print that are not of my making:

Last Minute Somewhat Free Easter Baskets

Have a happy Palm Sunday, a fruitful Holy Week, and a joyous Easter.

What We Wore Palm Sunday . . . Me: Anthropologie, Frankie: Gymboree + Old Navy, Lulu: Vintage Knit, Anita: Old Navy, Gus: Gymboree + Old Navy, Betty: Old Navy + new haircut

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