A Taste of My Own Medicine

Well. After telling you what I think you should do on your blog, and what I think you should do on my blog, I figured it was time to let you tell me what you think I should do on my blog.

So here goes nothing.

Wait, before you read any further, go read this at Carrots for Michaelmas . . .

Okay, you're back? All ready to engage in pleasant discussions in which we do not purposefully or inadvertently offend each other?

Awesome. Here we go. Here's what *I* want to know from you:

How do you read this blog? Email subscription? Bloglovin'? Feedly? Facebook feed? Google +? Pinterest? Just stop by via the internet?

Are you on Instagram? Twitter? I'm not. Should I be? I don't know. I only just got on Facebook. Instagram and Twitter and whatever the new thing is I haven't even heard of yet make me feel like this:

Can we talk Facebook a minute? There have been big changes with how Facebook treats "business" pages. I don't advertise on this blog or make any money from it beyond shilling my book and getting a bit when you make Amazon purchases after clicking through to Amazon from here. But, for Facebook purposes, the blog's page is a business page. And now, if you want to see posts from this (or any other) blog, you have to interact with the page. As in like or comment or share. Otherwise they stop showing up unless I pay Facebook to promote them.

Have you noticed if you're still seeing Catholic All Year Facebook page posts in your newsfeed?

If you use Facebook to know when there are new posts from your favorite blogs, you might be missing them.

I feel like I'm still seeing updates from the blogs I like, but I tend to like and comment, so that might be why.

Now Pinterest. I use Pinterest to keep track of pages for things I'm planning, like a birthday party or an upcoming family vacation.

If you follow the Catholic All Year board on Pinterest, do you want me to pin all new posts on there? Or just things that are "pin-worthy" like crafts and liturgical year ideas?

Can someone tell me why Google +?

I have a page, and the blog has a page, but I can't figure out how to post anything to the blog page. So, I share posts over there on my personal page, and I get notifications that I'm in people's circles. But I don't think anyone has ever commented or shared on my Google + page. Ever.

Seriously, why is it there?

Back to Facebook.

I share links and photos and anecdotes on the Catholic All Year Facebook page a lot (too much? you can tell me.) but I don't post much of that here, because I figure people have already seen it.

But I know not everyone is on Facebook.

Question: Non-Facebooking blog readers, do you want a weekly roundup of stuff like this . . .

My little pony . . . tail.

Dear Baltimore Catechism,

I have to say, when I woke up this morning I did not know that our school day would include the question, "Mom, what's a dirty magazine?" So, um, thanks for an interesting lunch conversation.

Your Friend,

Great Moments in Homeschooling . . .

Me: What would be an example of a food chain on a farm?

Bobby: Um, does cheese eat anything?

Bacon waffle accomplished.

Just as I was finishing clearing up after the party, I noticed this on the couch. Which either means it was a good party or I have a lot of kids.

Maybe both.

Jim's putting him to bed now.

Took the van to get a Smog check today. Couldn't understand why the kids were so enthusiastic about coming with me. Turns out they thought it was going to be a Smaug check.

1. I guess this is what happens when you don't respect the falling diphthong.
2. Did they think our van maybe had a dragon in it?
3. Monday's Baltimore Catechism conversation was unfortunately relevant to our waiting room experience.

Plus links I like, like these:

5 Ridiculous Spring Fashion Trends for Moms

Open Letter to the Bishops (sign it, sign it!)

And memes I like (even if they're misspelled):

Is that something that's missing from your life?

What posts do you like best? I'm not doing as much movie reviewing and homeschooling stuff and parties/liturgical year because other blogs are doing those things really well, and those posts don't seem to get as many views. But if I'm going off of just pageviews, I can only write about Lent. Ever.

Six out of my all time top ten posts are about Lent.

So: Lent lent lent lent lent.

There you go.

But other than Lent, what do you have an interest in learning my opinion about?

Finally: Sunday.

Many Catholic bloggers don't post on Sundays. So I do. I figure there's a void that needs filling.

But are there a lot of people who try to avoid reading blogs on Sunday? Am I tempting you away from your family time? It's still there on Monday. But for people who regularly comment, I know you probably don't like to get to a new post a day late.

I'm curious as to if there's a consensus here.

Anything else? I'm here to listen.

No, Not Listening Otter, I AM listening.

Have a nice weekend folks!

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