A Twelve Year Old Boy Reviews Cinderella

Last week, I took just my two older daughters to see Cinderella. I liked it. A LOT. They liked it a LOT. We've all been singing Lavender's Blue pretty much nonstop ever since. I felt pretty confident recommending it to women and girls. (And I did. I recommended the heck out of it. Maleficent . . . not so much.) But I couldn't be sure how it would go over with boys. So this weekend, I went again. This time with the whole family. My twelve year old son, Jack, was kind enough to agree to be interviewed and share with you a DIFFERENT perspective.

Me: What are your favorite movies?

Jack: I like movies with action and lots of funny parts. And fighting.

Was this movie as excellent as you thought it was going to be?

Ummm . . . yes. Yes it was.

Hah. Well, played. Does that mean you liked it?

It's still definitely a princess movie. Actually, I guess she went straight to being a queen, didn't she? Anyway, it had some funny parts. Like the goose who gets turned into a coachman, pointing out that he was a goose and therefore did not know how to drive.

You have a few sisters, does that mean you also see a lot of princess movies?

Yes. I thought this movie was better than most princess movies. Not as good as Tangled or The Frog Princess, but at least on par with Brave or Frozen (the FIRST TIME you see it).

This movie is WAY better than Brave or Frozen. Anyway. What did you think of the prince character?

He was pretty good. I liked that he stood up for what he believed in with his father. He was brave but also respectful. He wore tights, though. It's hard to take a guy wearing tights seriously.

How about the fathers? Wasn't it nice to have some GOOD fathers in a movie for once, instead of them always being portrayed as idiots or evil?

I like Darth Vader better.

But that's exactly what I mean. He's TOTALLY evil. He's trying to corrupt his son, and barring that, kill him.

I know! That's a REAL bad guy. Not just a step mother who laughs at you and sends you to your room. Your room that you could totally escape from.

Who is a character in this movie that boys can look up to?

The prince is good, I guess.

How is he good?

Well, he's not a pushover, but he's not a tyrant either. When he is hunting, he listens to what Cinderella says, and he gives her his reasons, but he listens to her reasons too, and he decides to change his mind.

Does anyone extend that same courtesy to him later on?

Huh. Yeah, I guess so. The king listens to him and changes his mind about him having to marry the princess from "zztharragoztha."

What did you think of Cinderella? Are there any things in her character that a boy could learn from?

I think a boy could learn that if he's locked in an attic by an evil stepmother, he should just wait for some mice to accidentally reveal his presence to some rescuers. Rather than, say, opening a window himself and just getting out of there.

But she wanted to stay in the house because it reminded her of her mother. Right?

Yeah. I don't really get that. Plus, she seemed happy enough to leave with the prince.

Good point. How about the overall message of the movie?

Always be yourself.

Isn't that more the message of My Little Pony?

No. The message of My Little Pony is that if you can find where you truly belong you will get a magical butt tattoo that depicts your interests.

Really? Maybe I should be paying more attention to that show. But, what did you learn from this movie?

The catch phrase was "be kind and have courage." So I learned that?

Don't you think that's a good lesson? Didn't that allow Cinderella to be happy and be a good person even in difficult circumstances? Isn't that applicable to boys?

Yes. I think it's a good lesson. Cinderella didn't make that up though. Kindness and courage are virtues.

So, if any brothers out there are wondering if they should go see this movie, what would you tell them?

A lot of it would depend on if there is candy and popcorn. If there is candy and popcorn, you might not hate it.

Jack out.

Some other expert opinions . . .

Frankie (3): I liked the DANcing. And da goose. Dat was willy willy funny.

Gus (7): I liked it. Not the kissing. But I liked it.

Bobby (9): I liked the fencing part.

The husband: I enjoyed it. But I don't think I liked it better than the classic version. The animals are more interesting characters in that one.

Betty and Anita liked it just as much the second time around. Lulu . . . made it. But if you don't have to take a one and a half year old to the movies with you, please don't.

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