A Week Of Feasts and the Wearin' o' the Pink

Happy Laetare Sunday all! Here's what we wore. Obviously.
Me: ModCloth dress (I really love their stuff. I have an affiliate link, over on the right sidebar next to the comments, if you want to check them out.) Old Steve Madden shoes.
Lulu: Hand me down smocked dress, it was a gift.
Betty: Target dress (she has this in two colors, I think it's so cute.)
Frankie & Anita: Gymboree
Printable prayer on the door: Tinyprints
Don't worry, you guys can totally sit with us. Even Anita. The sass is high with that one. And she was born with an innate posing quality that just cannot be taught.
Here's the Tierney Bump aka baby number eight, now twenty one weeks along.
Here are some thoughts from Laetare Sunday last year (in case, you're like, Lae . . . what?) . . .

Lent is Hard to Do and Other Earth Shattering Insights for Laetare Sunday

when we had pink waffles for breakfast and Betty and Anita and I made a pink cake. It was supposed to be ombre, but it kinda wasn't. I need to quit trying to make ombre happen, I guess. ;o)
If a pink cake is going to happen this year, I think Betty's going to have to do it herself, last year Latare Sunday wasn't the day RIGHT after the Hooley.
Which was lovely, thank you for asking.
This dress is from ModCloth, too!
All the details are forthcoming.
In addition to it being Laetare Sunday, today is the feast of St. Louise de Merrilac, which makes it Lulu's name day.
Grandad made his celebrated German pancakes for her, but today, we called them crepes. To be French. No, she didn't get all of those. Yes, she is wearing the same dress in both of these photos. What can I say, it was an Irish party.
For more on namedays, and the awesome red You Are Special Today plate, check out . . .

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Tuesday the 17th is St. Patrick's Day, we'll be having a tea party, and listing to crazy Irish folk music, and maybe having a family movie night, and maybe catching a leprechaun. After Jack's close call here, and Bobby's two years ago, you never know, this could be the year.
Last year, they THOUGHT they'd caught one for sure. But . . . nope. Fooled again.
Those leprechauns are dead tricky.
On Thursday, we'll be having our wildly popular, but (fortunately) VERY simple St. Joseph's Day celebration. If you have a table and can boil water, you can do this. And your children will never forget it.

Pasta un Gobbola Tabola: The Most Fun You Can Have on St. Joseph's Day

But on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I can promise we'll be QUITE solemn and penitential.
Oh, except on Friday, we'll be hosting soup and stations again. Which, while VERY Lenten, is also lots of fun. Here are some shots from last week . . .
Laetare Sunday is the perfect week to add a new Lenten resolution. It's never too late to give soup and stations a try at your house. You'll find all the details here . . .

Keeping Lent: A Guide to What We DO for Kids

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!
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