A Zombie Apocalypse Birthday Party (at which I don't dress up, but my unborn baby does)

Intrigued? You're going to have to wait for it . . . (Jenny, you may want to just skip this whole post, but especially the end.)

Bobby and Gus have birthdays that are two weeks apart, and all the same friends and all the same interests, so for the last couple of years, they've shared a birthday party. It's following close on the heels of Frankie's moustache birthday party, but the new baby is due on the 27th, so I figured we'd better get this party in sooner rather than later.

Last year they had a hobbit party. It was adorable. This year, they wanted . . . a zombie party. So that's what they got.


My oldest, Jack (11), likes planning and throwing parties as much as I do, and, let's face it, I'm awfully pregnant, so he and I split up the duties for this party. I did the cake and the food, he did the decorating and the games. (Have I mentioned how awesome it is to have big kids?)

So . . . here's how it went down.

The Decorations

Yes, we let him spray paint.

The Food

Selections included:

Terrifying Tacos
Scary Salsa
Gruesome Guacamole
Green Zombie Salad
Corpse-Like Carrots
Watermelon Zombie Brain
Pink Brain-on-ade
Return of the Living Veggie Straws

The Guests

Guests were encouraged to come dressed as a zombie or a survivor. And they did. It was pretty awesome. Jack had a table set up by the front door to pass out treats and weapons appropriate to each side.

The Games

As the guests arrived, they got to color a zombie themed coloring page, or create a design for a zombie-proof house. The kids presented their plans later in the evening, and it was my favorite part of the whole party. They had some really creative ideas! Jack had also come up with some other zombie vs. survivor games and pin the brain/bullet hole on the zombie.

The Cake

Dirt, worms, head, a hand for each boy. Definitely zombie, but not too scary. It was red velvet inside (obviously).

The Pinata

Jack made the pinata from papier mache, because it's hard to find a brain pinata. It lasted through the entire line of twenty kids and the oldest kid in line finally brought it down!

What I Wore

It's not every day you throw a zombie apocalype birthday party while nine months pregnant.

Happy Sunday everyone . . .


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