An Easter Present for All of You but Mostly Bonnie and a Triduum / Easter Recap

Happy Easter everyone!

He is Risen. . .

Are you guys getting tired of that yet? Sorry. I just found out about it this year. It's possible I'm getting carried away. Also, I've eaten a LOT of candy. They're always saying how easy it is to take candy from a baby. But they never mention how hard it is to NOT take candy from a baby. I mean, it's sitting right there. And he can't even count. He would never know . . .

. . .

Ooops, sorry. Where was I?

Oh yeah. Easter.

I made you guys a preh-zuuuuuuhnt!

Go thank Bonnie at A Knotted Life. She asked on Facebook if anyone knew where she could find fun prints of The Morning Offering and The Act of Contrition. And no one did. So I couldn't resist trying out my brand new full membership at PicMonkey, and here ya go:

The Morning Offering on yellow
click here to download

The Morning Offering on white
(it really is white, I don't know why it looks dingy here)
click here to download

The Act of Contrition on purple
click here to download

The Act of Contrition on white
click here to download
Shutterfly tells me they should print well up to 20x30, and right now that size is on sale for $18.39, and an 8x10 is only $3.99. I hope you like them Bonnie!

Please tell me if this doesn't work.

It's a good thing that Easter is fifty days long, because I haven't finished decorating yet. We really did it up for the Triduum, though.

Here's what it looked like . . .

on Holy Thursday:

Seven Churches Visitation

Last Supper supper

family foot washing

on Good Friday:

Southern Catfish Fry and
Stations of the Cross

on Holy Saturday:

our dyed/watercolor painted eggs

And Easter Sunday!:

my first Easter

The kids really loved their Usborne books. If you're looking for high quality, creative, entertaining books and sticker books for kids, check 'em out at Molly's. Their stickers are the perfect amount of sticky. I am very particular about that. I hate stickers that won't stick, but it's nice if they'll move a bit. These are just right. (I bought these books with my own money. I just really like them. If you click on the link and buy some books, I might get to get some more.)
And we went to Mass and whatnot, obviously. There are photos of what we wore here.

Happy Easter everyone, hope yours was/is/will be great!

Please stay tuned this week for a really extraordinary giveaway. Seriously, it's amazing. I can't wait for it to find its perfect winner.