Answer Me This: Ice Cream and the End (for now . . .)

Hiya, and welcome to this summer's FINAL edition of Answer Me This, the internet's favorite virtual cocktail party, where we all answer the same six random questions and get to know each other a little better. If you've always want to play along, now's your chance!

1. What's your favorite grocery store splurge?

I FEEL like I'm not super picky about groceries. I used to buy all organic, but I'm no longer convinced that buying organic is worth how much more it costs to buy. Now I just buy lots of whatever fruits and veggies are on sale and mostly remember to rinse them before we eat them. I do still try to buy stuff with real sugar. Except for Dr. Pepper. He gets a free pass.

I guess my main splurge is toilet paper. I really think that's a product where you notice if you buy the really cheap stuff.

2. How's your penmanship?

My penmanship is not great. I love looking at the beautiful hand lettering that folks like Carolyn and Erica do. I do NOT have those skills.

The thing I write out by hand most often is shopping lists, and if I wrote it in a hurry, I'm probably the only one who'll be able to decipher it.

3. Do you have a "Summer Bucket List?"

No. Probably I should have. When I don't put things down on the calendar or a list of some sort, they just really don't get past the nebulous, "Hey we should . . . "stage.

I've had the good excuse of being awfully pregnant this summer.

But aside from getting the kids to camp and going to the beach a couple times (so I could catch up on my correspondence), we've had a mostly just hanging out-type summer.

I could make the case that it's because I want to encourage self-discovery and unstructured playtime for my kids. But, really, it's because I just didn't feel like going any where.

I might be able to handle Kelly's.

4. What's the best thing on the radio right now?

A couple of summers ago, I got what I think we'd have to call "super-ranty" about the inappropriateness of the hit pop songs that year.

THIS year, I'm just . . . I just don't . . . I'm . . . I don't know WHAT to think.

They are SO catchy. They are so fun. They actually have pretty good messages. But those messages are expressed in such a way that my twenty month old's verbal repertoire now includes "Shuh up, dance." "Got baah bluh." and "Hah damn."

But I love them still. Here's why I do . . . and why I maybe shouldn't.

Shut Up and Dance

Pro: The video is hilariously early eighties MTV -- brilliant, and the song itself is very True Love. He's not "up all night to get lucky," like SOME songs, this woman is his "destiny," they were "born to get together." It's all very sweet. AND catchy.
Con: We don't say "shut up" in our family. At least we didn't used to.

Honey I'm Good

Pro: It's the near occasion of sin theme song. It, in the toe-tappingest way you can imagine, reminds us that love is a decision. That monogamy must be guarded. That that one more drink could mean that hearts and vows are broken. Seriously, this song features capital T Truth.
Con: It also features Mr. Grammer calling the young lady from whom he is ostensibly guarding himself "honey" and remarking on her legs and ass. Not very gentlemanly.

Dear Future Husband

Pro: I cannot get enough of the doo-wop vibe Meghan Trainor brings. When girl says she can write a hook, she's not kidding. And this song gets a lot right about commitment, and how a lady should be treated by her beloved. It's even okay with me that she doesn't want to cook, that's not the only way a wife can take care of her husband.
Con: There's a secret inappropriate almost rhyme in there that my kids wouldn't get, thankfully, but *I* do, and Ms. Trainor seems to be under the mistaken impression that wives should barter sex for the good behavior of their husbands. St. JPII would disagree.

5. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Yes, please.

I like both.

But my favorite, favorite is "tart" flavor frozen yogurt. The husband does NOT get it. It makes him say this to me:

6. Have you had that baby NOW? (Again, you can skip this one if you want.)


And it was a doozy. Read all about it.

We're back home now, getting to know her!

Here are some more photos . . .

Thanks so much to all of you who linked up and played along in the comments these past two months. So fun! We'll do it again sometime.