Answer Me This, Crybabies (and not Crybabies, so, Everybody).

Welcome to another Answer Me This!

Here are this week's questions:

1. Are you becoming your mother?

Probably? I'm really not sure. My sister and I were just discussing this, and we agreed that we are both a pretty even mix between our mom and our dad. I see traits of both of them in me. Maybe there's still hope that I will become as neat and organized as my mom.

I do find myself pointing out that if people want me to buy things at the grocery store, they have to WRITE THEM ON THE LIST!

2. Coffee or tea?


I never started drinking coffee in college, even though everyone else I knew did. Hmmm, perhaps BECAUSE everyone else I knew did. I do have a bit of a contrary streak.

Anyway, I made it through college on a Mt. Dew and whatever the intellectual agnostic equivalent of a prayer is. And then I met the (now) husband and HE didn't drink coffee EITHER and I was like:

But I do like tea. Very much.

But I'm lame and drink it plain and weak and use the same tea bag all day.

3. What foreign country would you like to visit?

We leave for France in like a week and a half! Ahh!

Note to self: You may wish to write some blog posts.

So I'm super excited about that.

Also on my list is Ireland. I spent two days in Dublin on my backpack through Europe thing in college and it rained sideways and I didn't much enjoy it. I'd really love to go back now that I'm Irish(ish).

4. Do you cry easily?

I do not.

My most clear memory of the moment the husband proposed to me was thinking, "Oh no, I should probably cry." (And how happy I was and all that, but I was worried about the crying thing.)

In case you're thinking I'm a robot, I already wrote this:
The noteable exception to this is when I'm pregnant. Then I do cry over all the stuff. In fact, that's usually the way I discover that I'm pregnant. I'll burst into tears over a profile of an Olympic athlete or the fact that we've run out of Craisins and I'll think, "Hmmm, that guy WAS really quite resilient and Craisins ARE far superior to raisins, but this seems to be an especially strong reaction I'm having. Perhaps I should swing by the CVS."

5. How often do you wear heels?

That depends on what you count as heels.


Um, nope.

But I do wear wedges a lot. I find that getting dressed first thing in the morning and wearing something in which I feel put-together makes me behave as if I am put-together. So I try to do it.

I'd say I wear not-running-shoes-or-flip-flops at least three days per week. And I always dress up for and almost always wear heels to Mass (because Jesus is there).

6. Do you play an instrument?

I do not and never have.

I asked for and received a guitar for my sixteenth birthday, failed to master it that evening, and haven't managed to get back to it quite yet.


I was a little tardy getting these posted tonight because the husband took me out for sushi and Captain America.

The sushi and the company were terrific, the baby was good, the movie was only okay. I'm surprised they didn't blow out their kickpunching sound effect making this movie. So. Many. Kickpunches.

I do love Captain America and his earnest doggedness. So endearing. The new guy, Falcon, was also endearing. Liked him.

But the "Winter Soldier" himself, kind of reminded me of the "go cry emo kid."

He just seemed really sad.


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