Awesome All Saints Day Costumes in Expert, Store-Bought, and, What? is it October?

Can you believe it's October?! With the weather we've been having in Southern California . . . I cannot. But, there you have it.

Probably, you want to be an awesome, totally organized mom who remembered that All Saint's Day and Halloween were coming up. But probably the last thing you want to do is actually come up with an All Saints Day costume AND a Halloween costume for your kid(s).

So, here's what I'm gonna do. I'm going to give you some all new suggestions and link up my previous posts featuring my kids' All Saints Day costumes that double as Halloween costumes. Some require sewing and planning ahead, some can easily be accomplished with a store bought costume, some you can totally throw together the night before with a quick trip to the store or even with stuff in your house. There's something for everyone!

First up, we've got (click on the title to go to the post and see photos and instructions):


Featuring costumes for . . .
  • St. Denis / Guy Carrying His Own Head (expert)
  • St. Sebastian / Unlucky Cowboy (store-bought)
  • St. Kateri / Indian Maiden (expert or store-bought)
  • St. Longinus / Roman Centurion (expert or store-bought)
  • St. Philomena / Drowned Maiden (expert or store-bought)
  • St. Nuno / Knight (expert)
  • St. George / Knight (store-bought)
  • St. Margaret of Scotland / Princess (all of the above)
  • St. Elizabeth of Hungary / Princess (all of the above)
  • St. Olaf of Norway / Viking (last minute)

And then there's (click on the title to go to the post and see photos and instructions):

Featuring costumes for . . .
  • St. Maximillian Kolbe / Escaped Convict (store-bought)
  • St. Gianna Molla / Doctor (last minute)
  • St. Joan of Arc / Knight (expert)
  • St. Lazarus / Zombie (last minute)
  • St. John the Baptist / Head on a Platter (expert)
  • Blessed Miguel Pro / Junior Businessman (last minute)

And, new this year, because it CAN'T stop and it WON'T stop:

St. Sunniva / Scandinavian Princess
(expert or store bought or last minute, because, who are we kidding, this dress is already in your house.)

Also new on the blog for this year, here are some All Saints Day throwbacks from Tierney Hallowtides Past . . .

St. Agnes and her lambs. Could be expert if you make it yourself, or you could get a store-bought Princess Leia Costume and a Lamb Costume .

Archangels Gabriel and Michael: tunic + cape + wings (expert or store-bought)

Blessed Francisco and Jacinta, the shepherd children of Fatima: make it yourself or get a Child Shepherd Costume and a Little Bo Peep Costume (expert or store-bought)

St. Francis and St. Claire: These were homemade, but this Galactic Warrior Hooded Cloak would make a good St. Francis, just add a bird.

St. George with Lady and Dragon: these are all store-bought, Knight Costume , Princess Costume , Dragon Costume

And, from our pre-knowing-about-all-saints-day-days, because it's my blog and I want to, polyester from-Mexico vintage Batman and maybe-my-favorite-thing-I've-ever sewn vintage Robin:

I don't know what we're going to do for this year, (but I have a feeling at least one is going to be Scandinavian), but when I know, you'll know.

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