Baby, You're a Firework (whatever that means), now Answer Me This . . .

Greetings. And welcome to another edition of Answer Me This, a thrilling game of questions and answers that I just made up and isn't really a game. But it's fun. So, I hope you'll play along.

I'm writing this to you FROM THE PAST, because the husband and I dumped the kidlets with my folks and are away on a babymoon for baby number eight, scheduled to arrive late this month.

Here are some thoughts from the last one:


And now, without further ado, here are THIS WEEK'S questions:

1. How did you celebrate the 4th of July? (Or, for you international types . . . Do anything fun this weekend?)

Anita's 6th birthday is July 6th, so we threw her a very patriotic golden birthday on Friday afternoon.

Instructions on how to make this Top Secret Ten Minute Ice Cream Cake can be found here.

Nana and Grandad and Great Grandmother and Aunt and Uncle and cousins went in together to get her the American Girl Doll Kit, and a matching outfit for Anita. We brought out the big box last and as she was opening it, she was whispering to herself, "Please be Kit, please be Kit." It was pretty adorable.

For the actual 4th, the husband and I will be staying at a hotel with a rooftop patio. Hopefully we'll be able to see some fireworks from there.

2. Do you sunburn easily?

Mostly no. I do sunburn, but not really quickly. What I don't do is tan. At all. Under any circumstances. I am what would be classified as super-duper white. According to my Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Loose Powder Foundation, it's only humanly possible to be one shade whiter than I am. And that's summer and winter.

3. Hot dogs. Yay or nay?

How about meh? I don't mind hot dogs, but they're not my favorite. I prefer burgers if that's an option. But I will eat them no problem. (Chicago-style, with mustard and relish.)

4. Have you ever personally set off fireworks?

I grew up with a crazy uncle, my dad's younger brother, who used to bring no kidding fireworks up from Mexico for us to set off on the 4th of July. I remember them being more loud than anything, but still awfully impressive.

My own kids have only ever had access to smoke bombs, and sparklers, and pop-its. But those seem to be just as fun. And rather less likely to shoot one's eye out.

5. Have you ever jumped off the high dive?

Yes I have. The first time was the most memorable. My sister and I both went up to the platform high dive at my grandmother's country club pool. We were daring each other to go off, but I was pretty sure I just wasn't going to go. Then she jumped off and accidentally belly flopped and I watched from above as she slowly sank, stunned, towards the bottom of the pool. So *I* jumped, to SAVE her, and did exactly the same thing. And also sank, And the lifeguard saved both of us.

I've done better since. It's still not particularly my favorite thing to do, but it both shocks and impresses my kids, so I'll bust it out every now and again.

6. Do you do anything weird in your sleep?

I think the weirdest thing I do these days is sleep mostly sitting up, propped up on at least three pillows. I find it to be the most comfortable way for me to sleep during pregnancy, especially towards the end here.

I've also become a very light sleeper of late, which can be very frustrating. So I've taken to wearing an eye mask and ear buds with white noise going.

It's all VERY Audrey Hepburn of me, right? Right?

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Now for NEXT WEEK's questions, to answer NEXT WEEK . . .

1. At what temperature do you keep the thermostat set? Summer, winter, day, night?

2. What is your favorite frozen beverage?

3. Where do you keep your keys?

4. Have you ever really been lost?

5. What is the last movie you saw in the theaters?

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