Best. Church Lady. EVER.

This is part of a series of Catholic Toddler Letters. Dear Adam, Pack your bags, we're moving to San Diego! I found a Church Lady who wants us! If you'll recall, that hasn't always been the case for me.
It's okay, San Diego is where my Nana and Grandad live. We can crash with them. My Grandad built a real submarine for the pool.
Here's my brother Bobby trying it on for size.
That's it up on the side of the pool.
You'd better just watch it on YouTube:
Plus they're GRANDPARENTS. My mom says they used to have all kinds of rules when she was little. But now if we want root beer floats and goldfish crackers . . . for lunch . . . in the jacuzzi, it's not a problem. And thanks to my mom's best friend from high school (thanks Keeley!) for sending in the picture to us.
My mom is the peanut.
In conclusion:
San Diego
Let's try to be there by Sunday. Love, Frankie P.S. If anyone knows the folks behind "Celebrating Children at Mary, Star of the Sea" in La Jolla, CA please give them a big hug from Frankie and Adam and their Moms.