Big Hero 6: Jack Has Some Thoughts

Jack, how did you manage to get to see Big Hero 6 on opening night?

We were driving past a billboard, and I said. "Hey Mom, that movie looks cool." And then you said, "You have a lot of money. Why don't you take us to see it?"

That's not how I remember it.

No, that's TOTALLY what you said.

Anyway, so you took me to see this movie tonight. What did you think?


Would you recommend it to the readers of this blog?

I would totally recommend it. I thought it was a really good movie. It was funny and had a lot of great science and sci fi and invention ideas, and Baymax, the giant inflatable robot, was adorable.

He WAS adorable. I loved the little squeaky sound effect when he walked. Did you think the movie had a good message?

Yes I do. Next question.

Next question: Same question. If this movie was trying to teach us something, what would it be?

(laughs) Um . . . to use your creativity, and not be a bad guy.

I thought there were messages about using your gifts for a good purpose, and not frittering them away selfishly, persevering through difficult times and not giving up when bad things happen to us, and not giving in to our baser desires for revenge. Would you say that's an accurate assessment?

Yes. Next question.

Which character did you like the best?

Fred. He is the college mascot at the University that designs all of the awesome scientific discoveries. He gets a suit that lets him super jump and breathe fire.

Do you think all your siblings would have liked it? Or is it better for older kids.

I think there wasn't anything BAD in it, but it's probably best for kids six and up.

Did this movie have anything in it that moms might not like: fart jokes, inappropriate attire, bad language, etc?

There was one moment where Baymax was deflating that was KIND OF a fart joke. But not really. And Fred talks about how he wears his underwear for a long time. Also, when Baymax had a low battery, he acted like a drunk guy. It was really funny though.

Do you think YOUR mom liked this movie?

I THINK so. You're the one typing this, maybe you should ask yourself. It's ten o'clock and I have a football game in the morning. Goodnight everybody.

Okay, just me now. Jack's right. We did enjoy this movie. It's creative and funny and has heart and a nice message and it looks cool. Also, the female characters are reasonably attired for crime-fighting, which is more than can be said for their counterparts in the original Big Hero 6 comic book series from Japan.

The comic books are pretty unknown here, but from a quick read through the wikipedia page, it seems like the movie doesn't share much with the source material besides the title and character names. The whole movie is basically an origin story, and it seems like, if this movie does well, there will be more.

I'd go see the sequel, especially if Jack's buying.