Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts: A Difference in Kind not Just in Degree

As a Catholic and a mother of sons, I was disappointed with the recent decision of the Boy Scouts of America to change their policy to allow the participation of "active and avowed" homosexual scouts.

I have long championed the Boy Scouts an an organization that has been willing to suffer and fight for what is best for boys in the face of the terrible pressure of political correctness and homosexual advocates and it was a sad day on which they caved into that pressure.

But . . .

Our family has made the decision to continue our participation in Boy Scouts while we have never and will never participate in Girl Scouts. Here is why.

First, let's look at what this change amounts to: Previously the Boy Scouts had what was basically a "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy for its scouts. Boys who had same sex attraction have always been welcome in Boy Scouts, and rightly so (CCC 2358). What was not allowed was the participation of boys who were "active and avowed" homosexuals. Now those boys, too, are allowed to participate in Boy Scouts. (Adults are still bound by a 2005 Supreme Court decision that excludes same-sex-attracted leaders.)

I do not wish to downplay the seriousness and potential ill-effects in the future of this decision. But the official position of the Boy Scouts has been, and continues to be, that:

Scouting is a youth program, and any sexual conduct, whether heterosexual or homosexual, by youth of Scouting age is contrary to the virtues of Scouting.

The Girl Scouts have a different message. It is an organization which is, at its core, dedicated to the mis-formation and corruption of the girls in its membership. I do not believe that the mission of the Boy Scouts has yet been corrupted. I certainly believe it's possible that it WILL be. But I don't believe it's happened yet.

The leadership of the Girl Scouts believes it is their responsibility to inform girls about sex and sexual experimentation and relationships and contraception and abortion and domestic abuse and homosexuality and transgender identification. They believe that it is their duty to have these conversations with girls ESPECIALLY if their parents do not wish them to. The following is a quote from a research study of 8-12 year old girls on the Girl Scout website.

Just as young girls are confronted with difficult "teen" issues like dating and sex at an increasingly early age, they are learning that their family confidantes are often unwilling or unable to discuss such issues.

I understand that any particular Girl Scout troop at a particular school or parish might be quite lovely and run by very well-meaning individuals, but the Girl Scouts is an organization that is rotten at the core and so, as girls progress up through the levels they are presented over and over with a world view that is utterly incompatible with our Catholic faith.

And when you pay your dues or buy Girl Scout cookies you are actively supporting the immoral activities (including established ties with Planned Parenthood) of the leadership of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides organizations all over the world.

This is just not the case (at least not yet) with Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts are still dedicated to the formation of boys and young men into future leaders. The difference is easy to see when you compare the upcoming Boy and Girl Scout events:

The 2013 Boy Scout Jamboree features activities such as: Mountain Biking, Zip Lines, Archery, and Rock Climbing.

The 2013 Girl Scout Girltopia Teen Summit features topics including: Fashion and Beauty, Building Healthy Relationships, Body Image and Self Esteem, and Self-Development and Goal-Setting.

One of the talks from the 2011 event was:
Building Healthy Relationships – Jasmine Ceja, Break the Cycle – Grades 9-12 Being in a relationship can make you feel like you’re on the top of the world, but sometimes the person you like, love, trust or cherish makes you feel abused physically, mentally or emotionally. Join the discussion about the core requirements for healthy relationships and include personal stories of survivors of dating abuse, and warning signs and obstacles to leaving an abusive relationship.

It's a far cry from the camping and crafts I remember from Girl Scouts. Although I will say, I'm not sure the foundress of the Girl Scouts would be particularly dissapointed by their current state.

Certainly we must now be more wary of sending our sons off to any Boy Scout activities unsupervised by a parent from our own Boy Scout troop (my husband takes a very active role in our boys' Cub Scout and Boy Scout troops). But, unlike the Girl Scouts who can't wait to get you away from your daughter so they can fill her head with their agenda, in our experience so far with Cub Scouts, parents are welcome and even required at all events.

It comes down to this: The Boy Scouts are still a fundamentally good organization who have made a decision that is unfortunate and potentially damaging to some but that is unlikely to affect the majority of individual Boy Scouts. The Girl Scouts, on the other hand, are a fundamentally immoral organization with an agenda that is incompatible with being a Christian. And though they are actively trying to corrupt their members, apparently, some individual Girl Scouts have managed to avoid being corrupted.

I'll take my chances with the former, in light of the potential benefits for my sons in the form of organized outdoorsmanship, manly camaraderie, and achievements that can be easily recognized by college admissions departments. I will never expose my daughters to the dangers of the latter. Not for all the cookies and friendship bracelets in the world.

This is a good summary of the various ways in which the Girl Scouts are problematic for Catholics. And this is an excellent Catholic perspective on the current Boy Scout situation. And here is a link to the Little Flowers Girls' Club, the saints- and virtues-based Catholic girls' club that we use and love.