Catholic Stuff Saturday: a LEGO Catechism Giveaway, and Odds and Ends from the Week

I'm trying out a new feature on the blog, which I've decided to call Catholic Stuff Saturday, and for which I have created this graphic:

which really makes whatever comes next worth it, right? 😀

Anyway, I get a lot of requests from Catholic authors and artists who want to share their products with me and with you readers. I've mostly declined, because I don't want you guys to feel like I'm always trying to sell you stuff. That's never been the point of this blog. But on the other hand, these are folks who have a talent, and have answered a call, and put themselves out there, and are making things you and I might appreciate having in our lives.

I'm not sure if I'm going to try to make this an every Saturday thing, or just a whenever the mood strikes me thing, but I'm hoping this will be a feature that will allow me to share my platform with other writers and makers, and to share good Catholic stuff with you readers. And giveaways! People like giveaways, right?

I've got a great one for you guys today, if you can make it to the bottom!

I'm also going to use it to catch you up on random kiddo odds and ends and stuff from our week, in case you're not on social media, or the algorithm gods weren't picking up what I was putting down this week.

So here goes nuthin' . . .

1. Last weekend was our school's big gala/auction/fundraiser. It was Gatsby-themed. I went and got my hair done, for the first time in FOREVER, like maybe since my wedding? I can't remember.

Step one, the Beethoven:

Step two, the Miss Bates:

(Three dull things 😏)

Step three, the Lady Sybil:

Dress and shoes are from Unique Vintage
Headpiece and gloves are from Amazon

Fur is borrowed from my 98 year old grandmother!

Aren't my parents the cutest?!

At the auction, I bid on and won this copy of my confession book, which someone else donated 😬. I was conflicted. But I really liked these little figurines! I like having little visual representations of the saints we celebrate, so that I can put them out on the table when we have our feast day dinners.

I looked them up and they're by Roman Inc. in a collection called Little Drops of Water They're made of resin and are very sturdy, but seem more decorative and not like toys to me.
I found them on Amazon: Our Lady of Fatima, St. Joseph with baby Jesus and lily, Sacred Heart Jesus, St. Patrick, St. Jude, Immaculate Heart Mary, Our Lady of Lourdes, and there are lots of other choices.

2. Speaking of feast day dinners, here was our feast of St. George, with the nameday boy himself:

I always make baby quilts for my babies before they're born, and I wanted to make one with St. George fabric, but I couldn't find any, so I designed some myself on Spoonflower. Check it out here (also available in wallpaper and wrapping paper, just in case). This was the fabric if baby had been a girl.

Mmmmm . . . bangers and mash.

Bobby's St. George Cross Apple Crisp!

3. My sister sent me this screen grab of my little prayer books at numbers one and three of all Children's Christian Books on Amazon! The Berenstain Bears are giving me a serious run for my money.

If you have a copy (and like it!) and have a moment to click on the appropriate link above and leave a quick Amazon review, I'd be really grateful!

4. I loved this status update from Fr. Kyle Doustou on Facebook.

He says:
A young father came to Mass today with his four children, two of whom were young toddlers. Needless to say, the chapel was joyfully noisy. I watched, though, how several people present became overtly annoyed and angry. I was afraid the poor man was going to get berated after Mass, so I made an announcement before the blessing thanking him for coming and said that his children are a loud and beautiful reminder that we have a future. I talked with him after Mass; they came from out-of-state because his wife had a medical appointment in Portland...he was thrilled to find a noontime Mass in the city and thanked us for being so accommodating.
If you are the type of person who gets annoyed to the point of anger because a small child makes noise during Mass, let me tell you in all charity to get over it. God’s House can’t be perfectly suited for your own needs all the is a family home and it is a hospital. It will get messy, stinky, loud, and distracting at times as the young, the old, the weary, and the sick make their way to Christ. If you get in their way, you’re going to have one upset priest on your hands.
Sir, thank you for bringing your children to Mass. Thank you for caring about the faith. Thank you for loving your children enough to expose yourself to embarrassment to bring them to Christ. Thank you for reminding us that we have a future. You, and anybody and everybody else, are always welcome.
So awesome! If you haven't had quite such a warm welcome for you and your kids at Mass, I've been there. It stings. But I stuck it out with my kiddos, even the hard ones, and it's worth it. We all deserve the Mass. Let's all pray for our priests!

5. And finally, remember that giveaway I mentioned? You guys are going to love this. It's the LEGO Catechism I mentioned is this post!

It's called Catechism of the Seven Sacraments, and the authors/photographers/masterminds behind the book are the O'Neills, a Catholic homeschooling family of nine! The book is a big, sturdy hardback book, packed full of meaningful, engaging theology and Bible history, illustrated with whimsical LEGO scenes. Mary O'Neill reached out to me and said I could give three copies away, one here on the blog, one on Facebook, and one on Instagram. You can enter each drawing. I'll announce the winner of the blog giveaway here next Saturday. The winner will have until Monday to email me, or I'll choose someone else.

To enter, just leave a comment telling me who in your life would benefit from this book! (If your name doesn't come up in your comment profile, please be sure to include your name in your comment.)

P.S. If you are a Catholic author or artist and you'd like to be featured in a future Catholic Stuff Saturday post, and do a giveaway, email me at I won't be able to accomodate everyone, but I'd be happy to take a look!