Come Holy Spirit, the Party's This Way

Here's hoping everyone had a happy and holy Pentecost!

It can be hard to motivate to celebrate the liturgical year at home. Especially on a weekend which already saw sporting events, multiple team parties, and a birthday party. But, now that we've been doing this a while, the kids remember, and they won't let me get away with slacking!

So, just like last year, red dresses it was!

dress: Anthropologie, sweater: Talbots, Shoes: Macy's, Sling/Not-a-sling/It's-a-scarf: a gift
Skirt: my Mom's circa 1972, that Betty rescued from the dress up box, Sweater & Shoes: Amazon
Bishop dress: Orient Expressed, Shoes: Gymboree
The Awesomest Vintage 70's dress that you can't see because she's asleep.

Shirt & Pants: Old Navy, Tie: Gymboree. And, hey, you're never fully dressed without a frown.

Outfitted by the Old Mission.

This was Gus's second week altar serving!

Then, this evening, we fired up the ol' side yard dirt spot for our annual Pentecost barbecue.

Hot-Dog Legs: you're doing it wrong:

Hot Dog Eating: you're doing it wrong:

And s'mores roast:

New Ergo, btw. It's super cute. My old one, which I got off craigslist when Gus was a baby, was threatening to dissolve right off of me.

I figured I'd get another blue one, or maybe the camel, but then I saw the "Sea Skipper " here on Amazon, and just had to go for the whimsical one. I don't regret it. I'd do it again.

And, now I'm going to catch you non-Facebook-types up on the happenings you missed over there, Seven Quick Takes-style.

1. The confidence is strong with this one.

2. I am a HUGE fan of things that keep us from having to go to the emergency room, so I have made a mental note of this:

VIDEO: Raisin Up Your Kid’s Nose? Here’s What To Do

3. I like the looks of this forthcoming LEGO set:

a seven-year-old girl wrote a letter to LEGO complaining about their sterotypically gendered sets. She asked that they "make more LEGO girl people and let them go on adventures and have fun ok!?!" And now they are doing just that.
Read more at MentalFloss

4. I shared last year's Pentecost post


in which I was 12 weeks pregnant, without being clear that it was from LAST YEAR. So . . .

5. Did you see that Bill Watterson, the reclusive and retired creator of Calvin and Hobbes, made a secret return?
Ever Wished That Calvin and Hobbes Creator Bill Watterson Would Return to the Comics Page? Well, He Just Did.

I love so many things about this.
1. New anything from Bill Watterson! Yay!
2. Internet community is great and so fun.
3. Being bold can really pay off.
4. Preconceived notions color our perception so much. You can click through to see the Watterson comics from this post. When *I* clicked through, I knew what I was going to see, so I loved them. But the first few commenters are ambivalent to negative about the artwork. I know they like Stephan Pastis's work and were trying to be supportive. But you have to figure that they love Calvin and Hobbes and feel like dummies now. You have to figure.

6. It's great to see Pope Emeritus Benedict. And his brother in the back there.

I just love him. I love his cap. I must remember to pray for him. He's especially special to us!

7. Jack got Apples to Apples as a birthday gift. It's a really fun game and a great way to work on vocabulary and debating skills. I recommend it, as long as you're willing to do a bit of weeding in the cards.

Some cards got the ax for being celebrities that my kids have never heard of, some for being words I don't particularly wish to add to our family's vocabulary, some for being just wildly, wildly inappropriate. Wildly. Fortunately, we got the Party Box and there are a TON of cards. These won't be missed.

Some commenters thought we might be happier with the Junior or Bible editions. Perhaps. But this was an easy fix, and it's a fun game.

And, now I'd better get back to work on the yearbook!

And link up to all the link ups.

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