Cranky Frankie Turns 3: a little monster birthday party

On Sunday, Frankie turned three years old. You can imagine his excitement.

We threw him a Little Monster-themed birthday party. Here's how it went down.


Red tissue balls and green hanging fans, fabric circus bunting, a mini monsters banner, a homemade personalized Happy Birthday Frankie banner, and many MANY trash monsters made for the occasion by Bobby and Gus.


The food was selected by the birthday boy. His initial request was for "raisins and string cheese." I was able to talk him into a few more choices.

Chilling Chips
Shocking String Cheese
Scary Salad
Hair-Raising Raisins
Fried Monster
Creepy Carrots
Dreadful Dip
Weird Water
Beastly Biscuits
Monster Mash -ed Potatoes
Petrifying Punch
Frightening Fruit

The punch was really fun, here's how I did it:

My other favorite was the watermelon monster. These are SO EASY, way easier than carving pumpkins. I was going to buy a watermelon for the fruit salad anyway, so making it into a decoration was free!


As usual, Jack was our Master of Ceremonies. This time, he planned a Feed-the-Monster bean bag toss game:

And a Pin-the-Eyeball-on-the-Monster game:

The cutest thing about that one was that at the end, he announced that every kid had gotten his eyeball in just the right place, so they each won a prize. (One of those little pinwheels.)


Inspired by this pin, the big kids set up a Monster Headband Making station.

I cut felt rectangles and sewed elastic to the sides. The kids cut out bunches of eyes, noses, mouths, and fangs. Plus we had feathers and puff balls and pipe cleaners. We used glue dots, which are SO EASY and don't require drying, but they didn't keep the felt pieces together all that long. It was fine for the party, but I think, over-all, glue would have been a better choice.


Betty made the cupcakes. They were simple to make, but turned out quite professional looking!

And that was that. A good time was had by all.

Even the birthday boy!

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