Cranky Frankie Went to the Fair

We spent this afternoon and evening at our parish's annual festival. A good time was had by all. Even Frankie. But you wouldn't have known it to look at him.

Kid has a bad case of grumpy resting face.

There were just too, too many to Instagram them all, so I decided they needed their own blog post.

So, here goes . . . we'll begin with Frankie on the ride he was talking about all day: The Blue Fwyin Cauw. As you can see, it's all he remembered it would be.

For comparison purposes, here is how Anita experienced the same ride.

Then the swings. Careful buddy, you're nearly smiling there.

And the roller coaster.

Then we had something to eat. Everyone loves to eat at the fair, right?

And listened to some live music.

And, finally, that most magical of childhood experiences, the carousel.

He really did have a good time, I promise.

So did we all.

Can't get enough of Cranky Frankie?

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