Here We Go Again: a Spring/Summer, Maternity/Postpartum/Nursing Capsule Wardrobe

Well, I don't expect to be able to compete with Betty's capsule wardrobe, obviously. But I said I'd share mine, too. And so I shall.

The main concern I hear from readers who are interested in trying a capsule wardrobe, is that they couldn't manage it because of the whole motherhood cycle so many of us are in. I never can say for sure what size I'll be a few months from now. But, for me, that's a strength, rather than a limitation, of the capsule wardrobe.

Having a closet crammed full of clothes that I can't wear is just plain depressing. Having a small, specialized selection of items that work for me right now with the body and life I have right now is empowering and makes it a lot easier to find something to wear each morning. I'm totally sold on it.

I'm planning on sticking with it long term, doing three different capsule wardrobes per year, storing things I'm not using now but will use again, and donating the rest. But I have to admit that I was a bit concerned about this particular go round. I wanted to switch my wardrobe over for Easter and use it until the weather cools down in the fall. However, there's the little matter of me having a baby right smack in the middle of that window.

But I do like a challenge. I'm twenty-five weeks along right now, and I think I've come up with forty items that will fit for the next fifteen weeks or so of pregnancy, and the squishy few weeks after that. I figure by sometime in September I'll be ready for pants that button. And aside from a few of the dresses, I'll be able to nurse in all of it as well.

Even pregnant, the majority of my wardrobe is not maternity clothes. I do have some maternity items, jeans, and a couple dresses, but I really prefer to shop at regular stores, just with an eye for stuff that will work for me pregnant or not. (I know not everyone can do that, but it has worked for me.) My favorite stores are Anthropologie (especially the little back room of sale stuff) and modCloth, I love the whole whimsy/retro vibe they have going. I also find things at Target or on Amazon, and used from thredUP. (They have maternity clothes now!) Here's a closer look at everything in my closet right now . . .

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Red/orange tunic, from J Crew, many years ago, but here's something similar.
Red stripe tunic, modCloth.
Chambray crossover shirt, Gap via thredUP.
Green shirt and ivory lace shirt are both many years old, from Anthropologie.

Fake layered top was from Costco.
White high-low tunic, from Amazon .
Green crossover top, modCloth.
Blue and teal maternity tops are from Target over the past couple pregnancies.
Red tank, modCloth.
Gray top, modCloth.

Maternity jeans and khaki cargo shorts, Pea in the Pod via thredUP.
Maternity crops, old from Old Navy and Target.
Khaki high waist skirt, from Amazon.
Navy crop leggings, modCloth.

Knit jacket, thredUP.
Embroidered cardigan, modCloth.
Paris sweater, from Amazon .
Orange sweater, found here.
Navy shrug, from Motherhood Maternity.
White cardigan, modCloth.

Blue knit dress, and red/gray knit dress, Target.
Navy eyelet dress, Motherhood Maternity.
Denim dress, eShakti.
Apple dress, found here.
Denim dress, green maternity dress.
Knit and lace dress, modCloth.

Patent leather sandals, Payless.
Metallic flats, Easy Spirit via Amazon .
Fringe wedge sandals, Minnetonka via Amazon .
Navy wedge espadrilles Kenneth Cole via Amazon .
Gladiator sandals Steve Madden via Amazon .
Old lady yellow dress sandals (SO comfy), Miz Mooz via Amazon .
Red suede espadrilles (also very comfy), Miz Mooz via Amazon .
Blue running shoes.

And here's how it all goes together (mad props to my favorite eleven year old photographer) . . .

And . . . that's what I'll be wearing for the next four months. Including the New York secretary sneakers with a dress thing AND the leggings as pants thing.

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