Here's Where You'll Find Me Today

1. Trying to Figure Out Mac Computing

Well, we did it. We got a Mac Mini. Thanks for all your advice and encouragement on my last post. I marched myself and all seven kids down to the Apple Store at the mall, which is fine with them because the place is simply teeming with iPads. We figured out what I needed, and they were able to resurrect my old computer long enough to preserve all the baby pictures and college essays therein.

So now, here I am, trying to figure out exactly how to put my fingers on this track pad thingy to make it do what I want. I'm a little worried that I'll inadvertently offend it with the wrong hand gestures.

Anyway, I signed us up for the one-to-one program to get the data transfer, which also entitles us to one-to-one classes in the Apple Store for a year. Which means computer classes just got added to ye olde homeschool syllabus.

2. Trailing After Frankie With One of Those Parade Shovels

Potty training deserves its own post.

Potty training FRANKIE, maybe shouldn't be talked about at all. Ever. It's bad for morale.

But here I go anyway. He's ready. He CAN do it. But he just really doesn't care what I think enough to bother. So, he's happy to pee in the potty seventeen times in a day for seventeen m&ms, but he prefers nap time or the great outdoors for his, uh, daily constitutional. Which is not ideal.

If I wanted to be cleaning that up in the yard, I'd get a dog.

He's not three until October, and I'm not stressing. If we need to go back into diapers, we will. But I just feel like if I could get him to go on the potty JUST ONCE, it would be a great victory.

Sleep training him was one of the worst things that has ever happened to me. It was long and loud and just terrible. But we managed it, and he's a great sleeper now. I assume potty training is going to be a similar experience. Once more into the fray . . .

Feeling singed a bit by Frankie, I had been putting off sleep training Lulu. But she just wasn't sleeping well with/on me anymore. Poor smiley thing had little dark circles under her eyes. So, I read through the book again (I use Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child ) to get my courage up -- put it off for one more day after we got back in town -- then I psyched myself up, walked her down the hall, nursed her, and laid her down in the crib for the very first time ever (at eight months and some). She rolled over, fussed a bit, was asleep before I made it to the door, and slept for nearly two hours. The next night she slept from 5pm until 7am when *I* needed her, so I woke her up.


3. Guest Posting for Gina at Someday (hopefully) They'll Be Saints about how a funny picture on the internet changed my whole exercise philosophy.

There it is. So, click on the link in the title there, and come say hi. Ya know, if you want.

4. Also being on other blogs.

Bonnie has a nice piece on what she learned in Kindergarten, in which I have a small cameo role.

Nancy at Reading Catholic has some book recommendations to help all parents, no matter what type of schooling they use, fulfill their obligation to instruct their children in the faith. (Spoiler: one of them is my book.)

Nell also did a lovely review of my book. But you should really go over to her blog to see all the cute baby stuff she sells on Etsy. Adorable!

5. And Being Discussed on the Radio

It still kinda blows my mind when, all of a sudden I get a flurry of emails and Facebook messages telling me that people are talking about me on the radio. But, there you have it. (My editor discusses how my book came to be at about 1:50 into the program on 8/18).

6. Trying Not to Blog

I am terrible about taking blogging breaks, but I really should be getting the school year organized, and my house organized, and my new computer organized. And the yard cleaned up.

We did all our school supply shopping yesterday, and Bobby made us a fabulous centerpiece. Our uniforms and some of our books haven't arrived yet though, so we're eeeeeasing in to this school year.

Happy Tuesday!