Hey Look! I Made This: 7 Quick Takes XXXV

I had intended to write up a few posts in advance of the new baby, and schedule a couple each week. But that hasn't happened. Instead, this is my tenth post in as many days. Apparently, the new plan is to make you all so sick of reading my blog that you'll be grateful for a reprieve.

Anyway, here's a post about some stuff I've made . . .

A real book!

A Little Book About Confession for Children

Here's the cover of my book! It's a question and answer catechism for kids, focusing on preparing them for their first (then all their subsequent) confessions. My goal was to write something for people who weren't happy with the standard "God made rainbows and you are special" version of Catholicism that seems to be what's usually offered to kids, but who wanted something a little more accessible than the Baltimore Catechism.

My friend Maria did the illustrations.

It's being co-published by Ignatius Press and Magnificat Kids and will be available in early February!

Also, a fake book.

The Advent Jesse Tree (NRSV Readings)

Last week, during the Advent Jesse Tree Set giveaway, I posted a tutorial on how to make the ornaments yourself, which included a link to Shutterfly in case you wanted to buy a copy of the book I made with all the readings. However, it turned out that that was an old version of a Shutterfly book and it wasn't available to be ordered. But I was able to get it converted to a new version, and I reformatted it, and while I was at it I replaced the readings so they are now New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition. I honestly don't know what version the first book included. Back when I first put it together I'm not sure I knew that there were multiple versions of the Bible to choose from.

Anyway, it's fixed and better than ever and if you'd like to buy one you're welcome to do so. I'm not making a commission or anything, but if it would help you in your celebration of advent . . . have at it!

To order, go to the Catholic All Year share site, sign in to your account or create a new one, then save the book to your account and order it at your leisure.

If you live outside the US, you can't order Shutterfly books, so here is a google+ album with all the images in case you'd like to download them to your own computer and create a book yourself.

Some Liturgical Garments

Anita's Godfather, Scott Corie, is in the LA Diocesan seminary and will be ordained to the diaconate on Saturday! Unless I'm having a baby, we'll be there. As a gift, I made him a cope, humeral veil, and stole. My mom gave me my first sewing lessons when I was a little girl, and I've put a lot of time into figuring it out as an adult. But I certainly wouldn't say I am an expert. I have sewed a LOT of baby blankets, and curtains, and dresses for the girls, but this was by far the most complicated thing I've ever attempted.

Brother Scott is a 6'5" Scotsman for starters, so the thing is enormous! And I didn't have a pattern, so I was totally winging it. AND it was expensive fabric, so if I blew it . . . yikes. Oh, and have I mentioned that I'm pregnant?

Anyway, it was the most stressful thing I've ever attempted to make, but I finished it on Sunday and I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

Please take a moment on Saturday to pray for Brother Scott and his classmates. We're so proud of him!

P.S. If you are a liturgical garment expert and I have done something improperly, please be a dear and DON'T tell me. Awesome. Thanks.

The Baby Quilts

Since we don't find out if we're having a boy or a girl, I always make two baby blankets. One for each. Here they are for this go round:

Haley's Black Beans and Rice Recipe

I was lucky enough to get to see an advance copy of Haley from Carrots for Michaelmas' new liturgical year e-cookbook. It's called: Feast! Real Food, Reflections, and Simple Living for the Christian Year. I'm looking forward to posting a whole review soon, but until then I'm just going to taunt you with the fact that *I* got to make her Simple Black Beans and Rice Recipe already and it was amazing! I made a triple batch and we ate it for dinner, put some in the freezer, and brought some to a friend who just had a baby last week. Yum.

In related memes:

And I was saving this spot in case I needed it to introduce the new baby. But since, as of post time I have yet to go into labor, let's all take a moment to bond over those two most Catholic of endeavors: giving birth and games of chance.

If you read all the birth stories I posted this week, you'll know that these are my current ranges . . .
  • Time of Labor: 1.5-50 hours
  • Dates: +/- 3 days from my due date
  • Weight: 7 lbs 5 oz - 9 lbs 1 oz
  • Time of day: morning, noon, evening, night, I've had them all
  • Current ratio: 4 boys, 2 girls
  • Due date: November 27
So, leave a comment with your best guess for this baby. Date, time of day, length of labor, weight, and boy or girl. Whoever gets closest gets bragging rights and a shout out on the blog and maybe even a fabulous prize if I get around to it. But, I might flake on that part. Bragging rights for sure. And the shout out.

Update: Haley has generously offered to give the winner of our baby pool a FREE copy of the awesome ebook I mentioned in take 5! So you will get a fabulous prize and you won't even have to wait to see if I can find my way to the post office.


But if you want your own copy of the ebook in time for dinner tonight, go here and buy one today. It's on sale for less than $5 only until Thanksgiving! And maybe the baby won't have come by then. Do you really want to take that chance?


p.s. Thanks for all the great Netflix suggestions, I've been trying them out and will update you guys at some point. I figure I'll probably get some more Netflix time than usual over the next few weeks!


p.p.s. Thanks to everyone who voted for Catholic All Year over the last week or so at The Homeschool Post. We did not win, but ya know, honor to be nominated, yada yada yada. :0)


Happy Weekend everyone!

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