I Find a Momo a Righ Dare: Frankie's favorite Look and Find books

Frankie here. My favorite pastimes include throwing things away in the trash can, getting my fingernails clipped, and banging on stuff in quiet places. But a very close fourth is finding Goldbug in this book.

So when the fine folks at Quirk Books asked my mom to take a look at their newest children's book, I figured I was the two-year old for the job.

Apparently, Find Momo: A Photography Book is an instagram account turned book by Andrew Knapp. I wouldn't know. My mom won't let me have a phone. According to the part of the book kids don't usually read, Mr. Knapp and Momo live in a VW bus and drive all over the country finding interesting places for Momo to hide. How's that for professional reviewing?

The photography is super-duper and there is a mix of easy and challenging hiding spots, so even my biggest brother and sister enjoyed looking for Momo. And if, like mine, your mom kind of lacks the patience to scour a forest for a tiny border collie face, there's an answer key in the back for when you ask her for help.

In my expert opinion, this book should appeal to photography, dog, Americana, and look-and-find fans of all ages.

Speaking of look-and-find books, here is my all-time favorite:

and some new books that just MIGHT, be making their way to an Easter basket near us:

Reviewed (along with some other really swell looking Easter books) at Crack of Dawn Crafts

a board book version of the "I Spy" series, made just for toddlers and beginning readers. And Mom, if you're reading this, I also want that toothbrush bunny.

Happy reading everyone. Now, who wants to get me a snack?


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