In Which I Am a Lot Like Flannery O'Connor

Look out you guys, this is going to be all over the place today.

I got sick. I got sick because I am a weirdo who doesn't like taking medicine because I don't want my little soldiers who fight the germs to get fat and lazy. (See take four here.) So, I let a, um, health issue go on for weeks and weeks and drank like twelve gallons of cranberry juice and have felt tired and crabby since Holy Week, then *BAM* on Tuesday I got a crazy fever and full body aches was just miserable. I finally got an antibiotic, and I'm feeling much, much better now. But I slept a LOT for a day and a half. It was nuts.

And it's our last week of school. Because that's what it says on my calendar. And there is no way I could look that calendar in the face again if I edited that little "Week 32" entry. Plus, how could we just start school back up, for one week, after ten days in Europe? Probably not going to happen.

So there were lists and threats made. And there was me shuffling back and forth between the school table and my bed.

And I actually think we just might make it.

Famous last words.

And now I am really, really behind on All The Things I was going to do before we leave for France on Monday. We will be in Tours and Lourdes and Lisieux and Paris (where we have plans to meet Isabelle, who is from Paris and reads this blog!) and I would be honored to bring your prayer requests with us. Please leave them in the comments, or email them to me at CatholicAllYear @ gmail . com.

And right in the middle of all the fever-having and achy-being, I wrote my little Screenplay. Seriously, I read it now and I'm like, "Hah. That's funny." Because I don't completely remember writing it.

I hope you read the rest of the Blog Carnival posts. I really do think they're great. And true.

When Lulu and I were on our way to Chicago for the Behold Conference, where I met Molly from Molly Makes Do face to face for the first time, and Bonnie from A Knotted Life face to face for the second, I ran into Katrina from Cedars and Tiny Flowers on the plane (she was just going home from a vacation!). As we stood in the "Parent and Little Kid Unofficial Milling About Area" of the Southwest gate we kind of kept looking at each other and finally she said, "Are you Kendra? I read your blog." And I was like, "Yes! I thought I had read the birth story of that baby you're holding!"

So we sat across the aisle from each other on the plane (because no two lap babies in one row of seats) and chatted during the flight. Then as we were waiting to get off, the guy in the next row asked, "So, you two know each other?" And we both sort of looked at each other and at the guy and were like "we, um, have blogs" and we laughed and tried to be cool. But now I want to go back and just say, "Yes."

Which brings me to the related issue that has come up a few times in blogging groups on Facebook and whatnot (except no whatnot, it's always on Facebook) of whether or not bloggers should use their kids' real names on their blogs.

I do.

This whole social media community thing is why.

Hey, here's another screenplay for you . . .

at the playground

You: Wow, you've got a lot of kids. Are you Catholic?
Me: Why yes I am, let me tell you all the things about that. Seriously, all the things.

montage of me talking and gesturing

You: Wow, that's really something. That was a lot of things. Your baby's so cute! What's her name?
Me: Why thank you. Yes she is. (I eye you suspiciously.) I'm not telling.
You: Um, okay, sure. I should probably go.

At the park such a practice wouldn't be very conducive to becoming friends. And I don't think it would be very conducive to becoming friends on the blog either.

The Mother's Day Giveaway ended and not everyone who won has claimed her prize. If you are friends with any of the following ladies blog-wise, Facebookly, or face-to-face, please tell them they have until 10pm Friday to claim their prize or I'm giving it to someone else! And that would be so sad for them. (But happy for someone else I guess.) Also, they should link their comments to an email address.

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And congratulations to our hostess Jennifer, who's book Something Other Than God: How I Passionately Sought Happiness and Accidentally Found It , is out and getting fabulous reviews and is totally on my to do list once I have a sec.