In Which I Got 99 Problems (but you only have to read about 7 of them)

Sean McCabe
I've got problems. They are lame problems, but they are MY problems. It's a real . . . well, let's just get on with it.
Grocery Bag Problems

My biggest problem in the whole world right now is the county (and soon-to-be state) -wide ban on "single use" bags in stores.

Which maybe says more about how soft my life is than about how terrible it is to have to remember to bring my own bags every time I go shopping.

As I sit here trying to type this up, I realize that it's completely counter to how I usually roll for this to be so disruptive for me. I'm all about reusing things and minimizing waste. But don't they have anything better to do and this is totally driving me nuts.

I do the majority of my grocery shopping at Costco and Trader Joe's, and neither of those stores offer plastic bags anyway. But I also shop at Target and Party City and shoe stores and whatnot and it didn't used to be AGAINST THE LAW for them to give me a bag.

I understand the desire to minimize trash on California beaches, but asking people to pay 10 cents per bag (which I will not do) or bring their own bags (which I mean to do) or carry their purchases out to the car one precarious armload at a time (which I mostly do) seems to be a case of misplaced priorities.

It makes me want to do all my shopping on Amazon just to avoid the hassle. The problem there is that the milk on Amazon is a little to fancy for my taste.

The reviewers seem to like it though. We should probably just get a cow.

Author Problems

Next problem: Copies of A Little Book about Confession for Children are being shipped, which is great. BUT *I* haven't seen it yet. My publisher assures me that they plan to send me some copies just as soon as they possibly get around to it. :o|

But Simcha likes it! And Jenny gave it a glowing review on Amazon. Thanks ladies! If you've gotten a copy and like it and would review it on Amazon that would be really great. If you don't like it, you should just keep your opinions to yourself, thank you very much.

Vendor Problems

I'm going to be at the Behold Conference in Peoria, IL on March 1st. And my book and I will have a table. I'm not all that familiar with conventions (or vending), but in my mind vendor tables look like this:

and MY table is going to look like this:

only I'll be a brunette. And a grown up.

Life Goal Problems

I set some rather arbitrary blog goals for myself in 2014. It's good to have some things to shoot for, no?

My goals were:

1. Have Jen Fulwiler link to one of my posts.

2. Have Simcha Fisher link to one of my posts.

3. Get 942 likes on Facebook (just kidding it was 1,000, but 942 is pretty close).

Check, check, (almost) check, and check. So what do you do when, against all odds, you accidentally acheived all of your goals by February? Quit blogging? Run for president? Take up biathlon? I just don't know what to do with myself.

--- 5 ---
Lego Problems

We are a devoted Lego family. But I have a HUGE problem with the Lego Friends "girl Lego" sets.

The Lego Friends figures are basically just tiny Bratz dolls, totally lame in comparison with the iconic Lego Minifigures.

I remember when girls could play with all the Legos, not just the pink ones.

The little girl from this 1981 Lego ad is now a doctor, practicing medicine in Seattle.

You can read more here:

The Little Girl from the 1981 LEGO Ad is All Grown Up, and She’s Got Something to Say

My girls aren't as interested in Legos as the boys, but when they do play with Legos, the real thing will do them just fine.

--- 6 ---
Olympic Problems

We love the Olympics, but I get mad at the judged sports. My kids understand my basic points about Truth and Objectivity and Outfits Not Counting. But they still like "slopestyle" and ice dancing best. Jeesh.

But we ALL loved the Ladies Skeleton.

I was so excited to follow Noelle Pikus Pace's Olympic story, and see the way she balances her family life with her personal goals.

Her races were one of the highlights of our family Olympics-watching so far.

--- 7 ---
Purse Problems

I'm cleaning out my purse. Who's with me?!

I know some of you will be participating in Jen's 7 Posts in 7 Days Challenge. Looking for a post idea? Next Tuesday (4/25) I'll open a link-up here which will be open all week.

It's pretty complicated: Dump out your purse, take some photos, link it up.

You may wish to include the following . . .
  • It's my favorite thing in here.
  • Wow, I really have a lot of these.
  • I've been looking for those.
  • Huh. THAT shouldn't be in there.
The fine print (which I'm keeping big so you can read it): NO CHEATING. No early tidying. No funny planted stuff. God is watching you.

Hope to see you there. happy weekend everyone!

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