Introducing . . .

Louise Marita Tierney!

I wrote up my last post about how I hadn't gone into labor yet and set it to post at midnight, then I went to bed and started having contractions at 12:18!

Birth story to follow sometime after we get home, but the facts are she was born on November 26 at 4:17am, after a mostly very easy (then really, really hard for a bit) labor. She's our second biggest baby ever at 8lbs 12oz (Bobby was 9lbs 1oz) and is second only to Betty in the hair department.

She is named for St. Louise de Marillac and our dear neighbor Louise, who passed away last spring. Her middle name is for her paternal grandmother. We're going to call her Lulu for short, except for Frankie. Frankie is going to call her Baby Uhweeze.

The rest of the kids have all been over to the hospital twice today.

Betty was with us for the birth, and loved it. She really did great.

Lulu is nursing like a little champ and has passed all the tests they keep coming in here to do to her, so we're on track to be home by this evening.

Thank you all for sharing your intentions with me. I offered my labor especially for people suffering from infertility and miscarriages, plus for the other specific intentions. I'm also using them as my inspiration to be pleasant to all these meddlesome, I mean . . . helpful nurses. Thank you for your prayers for my family.

And someone is going to win a cookbook, I will announce the winner later this week!