Lulu Had a Birthday, and She's Got Some Presents for You! (a giveaway from BabyLit, Shining Light Dolls, and Whole Parenting Goods)

Jack, my oldest, said of his baby sister the other day, "I think she's probably tied for the third best baby who ever lived. Jesus and Mary were probably better, but she's got to be at least tied with St. John the Baptist for third."

Now, I don't have any way to verify his theory, but she is awfully, awfully sweet.

And she just had a birthday. (Well, last month, but we've been busy.)

So, to celebrate, she'd like to give YOU her birthday presents. Don't worry, she gets to keep hers. But you'll get them too.

We went pretty big for Frankie's Little Monster birthday party, and really big for Bobby and Gus's shared Lego Movie birthday party. So I wanted to keep it simple for Lulu's first birthday party. Now, I am aware that some of you will read this and think it is not simple at all and that I am some sort of crazy robot.

To those people, I say: We have already covered this. I am most likely NOT a robot. But it's hard to know for sure.

And for ME, this is as simple a birthday party as I am capable of throwing.

We only invited immediate family, my parents, and Lulu's godparents and their kids. And that was nineteen people. It's pretty much impossible to throw a small party when the guest of honor has six siblings (soon to be seven!).

The theme was pink and brown giraffes, because Lulu likes her Sophie giraffe toy, and she has a giraffe sweater, and we had leftover pink plates from her baptism.

- The Decor -

This banner, courtesy of me:

And this poster, courtesy of Bobby, which is still hanging in my house, because it has a certain je ne sais quoi and I can't bring myself to part with it:

- The Food -

I know I'm usually all about the funny party-themed foods, but for this party, we had a pizza. And I didn't even come up with anything else to call it. It was just a pizza.

But, it WAS a really, really, REALLY big pizza, which is kinda giraffe-like. Right?

- The Cake -

I made a pink giraffe cupcake tower. That's a thing, right?

I am a big fan of Wilton Candy Melts. I print out whatever I want the decorations to be, put a piece of parchment or wax paper on top of it, and trace it with melted candy melts, squeezed out of the corner of a ziploc bag. I can't draw freehand. But I can trace like nobody's business.

No games. No prizes. No favors. She's only one, after all.

But she DID get presents. And now you can get them, too. This is actually supposed to be NEXT week's giveaway, but Nell from Whole Parenting Goods, who is sponsoring one of the giveaways, is closing up shop for Christmas and TODAY is the last day to place orders. I didn't want you to see her cute stuff and not be able to order it.

So . . . the giveaway for Haley's book and Kelly's planner is still on-going, but I'm going to go ahead and post this one too. And then there's one more giveaway, which I'll probably post next week, because who reads blogs the week before or after Christmas? Anyone? I don't know. Anyway . . .

I have been a fan of the BabyLit board books, since they first came out in 2011. They are baby versions of the greatest classics in literature (focused on things like colors or counting, rather than the actual plot of the original book) written by Jennifer Adams and beautifully and whimsically illustrated by Alison Oliver. Whimsy is my favorite.

For her birthday, Lulu got Sense and Sensibility , Jane Eyre , and Romeo & Juliet , to add to our BabyLit collection.

Allison sells selected illustrations from the books at her shop, Sugar. She's offered to give a winner the print of his or her choosing from the shop. You can also check out her blog, here.

I don't know how anyone could possibly choose.

London from Sense & Sensibility
Thornfield from Jane Eyre
Ball Gowns from Pride & Prejudice

You'll ALSO win a copy of Alison and Jennifer's newest book, a HUGE interactive book of inspirational doodling prompts called Doodle Lit .

So cute. I know my older kids would love to get their hands on this. But it's for YOU.

Lulu's second gift was generously provided by Chantal at Shining Light Dolls. These dolls are practically perfect in every way.

They are sturdy, bright, engaging, quality-made little dolls.

If that wasn't enough, they are also beautifully designed, and whimsically painted (what did I tell you about whimsy?) grippable, unbreakable, little vinyl versions of Mary and the saints.

Lulu loves them, the rest of the kids love them. Each doll comes individually packaged with a little prayer card.

They are THE cutest.

One lucky winner will get a whole set, or you can order them for yourself from Amazon for all the babies and toddlers in your life!

There's Our Lady of Czestochowa of Poland, St. Nicholas, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Patrick, and Our Lady of Knock of Ireland. Each one cuter than the last.

Finally, Lulu received a gift of handmade love with a side of awesome, from Nell of Whole Parenting Family and Blessed Is She.

This owl skirt. Seriously. You wish Nell made them in your size, right? Well, she doesn't.

But she does make lots of cute little skirts for little girls, and bibs and burp cloths and blankets, and knit scarves, and stretch leggings. All very very cute. And, say it with me now . . . whimsical.

Unicorn skirt? Check.

If you'd like to have and hold any of these cuties for yourself, TODAY is the last day to place an order in Nell's Etsy shop, before she closes up for Christmas. So act now!

We also got this fun infinity scarf, that Lulu and I can BOTH use:

One lucky winner will receive the gift of this lovely purple and gray number, so we can be almost twinsies:

So that's the whole shebang. And a pretty great one if I do say so myself.

There will be three winners. One winner will receive an Allison Oliver print and the new book Doodle Lit. One winner will get a complete set of Shining Light Dolls. And one winner will get a nice cozy scarf, sized for a grownup, but also enjoyed by some super-easygoing babies.

To enter, click over to Sugar illustration & design, Whole Parenting Goods, and Shining Light Dolls (on Amazon) and leave a comment (or three) telling me what you like best on each page, and maybe wishing Lulu a happy birthday. ;0) I'll announce the winners next Monday. US addresses only for this one.

UPDATE! Alison will ship the BabyLit prize anywhere in the world! International address cost $10 for shipping, but that's still pretty great, right?

The liturgical living giveaway is still going on. You can enter to win by clicking over to this post and leaving a comment there.

This post contains affiliate links. Some of these products were provided to me in exchange for my honest review.

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