Merry Christmas from the Tierneys

Merry Christmas from the Tierneys

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you so much for all your prayers, Masses, cards, gifts, kind words, rides for the kids, and other support since Jim passed away in July. I am so grateful. Even if you didn't receive a personal thank you note from me, please know it was appreciated.

We really are doing quite well, all things considered. Jack (20) is a junior at USC, studying aerospace engineering. Betty (18) is a freshman at UMary in Bismarck, ND where she plans to study nursing. We loaded the big van with all her worldly possessions and all but one of her siblings and drove up there to drop her off. It was an adventure! Bobby (17) is a senior at St. Monica Academy and has applied to a wide range of colleges. He'll be Richard III in Richard III this spring before he graduates. Gus (15), Anita (13), and Frankie (11) are doing well at SMA, and continuing to participate in sports, theater, and choir.

Lulu (9), Midge (7), and George (5) are the homeschool crew this year. In the past three months, George has fallen three different times in three different places and broken an arm. He's currently sporting red and green full-arm casts, and is—as always—in excellent spirits. Barbara (3) is the sweetest little thing. We all shot a couple episodes of a TV show called Catholic All Year at Home for FORMED, a Catholic streaming platform. I think they turned out cute.

On Nov. 1, All Saints' Day, I received about a dozen emails from Jim that he had scheduled over the first few months of the year, to remind me of things that had happened that I might want to include in this card. Instead, I'm going to keep it short, but leave you all with that. Still thoughtful, still looking out for us, even now.

Memento Mori and Merry Christmas.

Love, Kendra, Jack, Betty, Bobby, Gus, Anita, Frankie, Lulu, Midge, George, & Barbara

p.s. If you usually get a card in the mail from us, and haven't yet, please email or text me your address. We don't have access to Jim's address book with the Christmas card list.