Movies for Father's Day That Don't Hate Dad

One of my least favorite children's movie conceits is the whole "Dad's an idiot, but if junior can just manage to disobey him loudly enough, he's sure to come around" thing. (See: Mary Poppins, The Little Mermaid, How to Train Your Dragon, Ratatouille, Happy Feet)
We try not to watch movies in that genre too often in general, and never, ever on Father's Day!
But we do often like to unwind on Father's Day afternoon with a pro-Dad family film.
Here are a few we like . . .
This is (in my opinion) THE most under-appreciated Disney cartoon out there. It's witty, endearing, and unexpected. The Tom Jones music is totally awesome. And it features a loving father with a strong moral character. And hey, bonus, not only is mom not dead (another common condition in Disney movies) she's pregnant!
The villainess has an inappropriate boy-toy-type relationship with a dim-witted younger fella, which is alluded to, but isn't visually manifest. It's an unfortunate bit in an otherwise really great movie.
This one is usually the husband's choice on Father's Day around here. He'd really like the kids to internalize the concept that if you disobey your father, you will most likely end up turned into a donkey.
I love that it takes the familiar track of a boy disobeying his father, but for once it's the BOY who learns his lesson.
It's also a lovely example of self-sacrifice on the part of both father and son. You'll of course want to have some tissues available.

Perhaps this one wouldn't be the best choice on Father's Day itself since the dad dies.

But I just couldn't bring myself to leave it off the list. Mufasa is a brave and loving leader and father whose example manages to inspire courage and fortitude in his son even after his death.
I love this movie and it's (eventually) strong father-figure.
I wish that it didn't have all the arguing. That isn't something that happened in my family growing up, and it's not something that happens in my family now, and I am always uncomfortable myself and for my kids when we see it in a movie.
But I can't help but watch and recommend this one for the creative plot and for the bonded family they eventually become.
And if you're looking for a movie to watch with your Dad rather than with your kids, you might consider Cinderella Man (see my review here), Les Miserable (see my review here), or Life is Beautiful. I don't think any of them would be appropriate for kids younger than teens, but they each feature a noble and self-sacrificing father who does everything in his power to protect his children.
And now since it's Sunday, you get to see what I wore (to the Vigil, since we're off to Chicago for the summer dark-and-early Sunday morning).
dress: target, sweater: gap, bump: 16 weeks
shoes: etsy,
necklace: my wedding present from my husband
And now for the shout-outs:

Happy Father's Day!

To my Dad . . .

You told me to always act like a lady, especially while hiking, building things, flying an airplane, or using a blowtorch.

my totally awesome homemade
Where the Wild Things Are bed
(in my college dorm room)

You taught me to be generous. You have always given freely of your time, talent, and treasure.

You taught me about priorities. You were never too busy to help me with schoolwork or a project or to attend my sporting events. I grew up always feeling like I was worth your time, and that my accomplishments and opinions mattered.

And now I get to see it all over again as you interact with my children. (And finally get to have some boys around!)

Your creativity and skills as a maker and fixer of all things are rivaled only by your patience in letting the kids help you.

I'm grateful to be your daughter. I'm grateful to have inherited your love of life and adamantly positive outlook, and your general certainty that if a thing can be done, I ought to be able to figure out how to do it.

And if I ever wondered what you were like as a kid, now I know:

I would be delighted if he grew up to be just like you.

You always told me I should be a writer, it just took me until this year to finally listen to you!

And to my father-in-law . . .

I love that your family is always on your mind. You're always thinking of new adventures to take us on. Or picking up a little treasure you know one of the kids will cherish.

I love that you're always available for whatever the kids want to do, be it a story or a bike ride or a quick snooze.

I love that you raised my husband to be a loving husband, a devoted father, a faithful Catholic, and a responsible citizen.
And to my husband . . .
You are truly my helpmate in this crazy parenting journey. You work hard all day to provide for us and then walk in the door and take the baby so I can finish making dinner.
You are responsible and adventurous. You love your kids and challenge them to be their best.
You make us all feel loved and important and taken care of, even on hard days and busy days.
You come home for dinner.
I am so blessed to have you for my husband and the father of all these crazy little people living in this house with us.
We all love you so much.
Happy Father's Day to all!
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