Now Available: The Real Thing

Now Available: The Real Thing

Seems like a good time to update you all on a few of the goings on around here, shop, home, and family-wise . . .

First, the Catholic All Year Shop now offers physical prints!

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It's something I'm often asked about, and I've been wanting to do this for years, but I just didn't think I could handle the logistics of it all. But at exactly the craziest time in my family life . . . everything fell into place to make it possible!

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I wanted to offer high-quality, heavy, smooth, matte prints. My most popular images are often given as gifts, especially to godchildren and people who have experienced a loss, so I wanted to offer the option of purchasing them already framed, so you can send them ready to hang. Or get them that way for yourself and avoid adding to the stack in the entryway of "stuff I mean to get done tomorrow but will probably not do for two months." (I can't be the only one with that stack.)

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I wanted my prints to be affordable for you, while not becoming a full-time job for me. I wanted them made in the USA for American customers, but also available to my readers all over the world. I wanted the option of having them printed in Europe as well, to (hopefully) avoid the plague of crazy customs taxes. (This is not a guarantee. It is my belief that European orders will not incur customs taxes because they are printed and shipped from Europe. But customs taxes are an unknowable beast.)

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I finally happened upon a printer who can do ALL of those things. So now, my shop offers real, tangible, touchable products! I ordered a whole slew of posters and framed prints myself, to make certain that they were something I would hang in my own home. And they are. And I have.

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So, please imagine me sitting in a shop full of prints and posters today, hoping you'll stop by and browse a bit, and trying to practice detachment, but also really hoping you'll see something you like! Please use the code GRANDOPENING for 10% off all printed products in the shop (doesn't apply to downloads) through Monday, April 15th.

P.S. if anything is wonky for you in your shopping experience, please let me know! I'm sure there are still some kinks to work out. Also, if something you'd like is missing from the shop, let me know that too.

Second, Jesus came over to my house.

(Hmmm . . . maybe I should have led with that?)

One week ago today, we had the very first Mass in our home chapel. It was beautiful and amazing and I loved it so, so, so much. All the hundreds of hours I spent designing and painting the chapel really came to fruition in that moment when Fr. Philip lifted the host. (The chapel is not done yet, for the record, but is certainly useable now.)

The Mass coincided—intentionally—with an important day for our family. (Read more about that here.) Because so many of you have been praying for our intentions, I had the idea to set my phone up and share the Mass on Instagram Live.

I was so excited when over 500 people shared the Mass with us live that morning.

But then 3000 people had watched it by the end of the day, so I uploaded it to IGTV and Facebook and 15,000 people have watched it . . . so far. How cool is that?! So, I put it on YouTube too, so I can share it here and for folks who don't do social media.

I'm wondering about trying to do this on a regular basis? Hmmm . . . Would you watch again? Weekly? Or was it just the novelty of the first time? What if next time, I even remember to turn on the filming light I had set up, so you can, ya know, see? 🔆🙄🤷‍♀️

A frequently asked question is whether we reserve the Blessed Sacrament here all the time. We do not, yet. We will be requesting permission from our Archbishop to do so. The diocese, understandably, does not often grant this permission, but we will see if it pleases God that it would be granted in our case!

Third, we are doing well, thank you for asking.

Laetare Sunday Best!

You can keep up with updates regarding our family prayer request here. And things are a-okay with all things new baby. After a rough first trimester for me, I'm almost twenty weeks now, and feeling great.

Baby looks good.

Kids are excited.

Hubby is dashing as always.

Despite all the very real complications in our lives right now, I am feeling so much peace and hope, as is the whole family, I'm sure that's due to all the heavy-hitting prayers headed our direction, so thanks!