Our Lent So Far, In Pictures

I don't see this jar as mostly empty,
I see it as a tiny bit full
Our clipart Lent calendar and our Lent Reminders
Only forty-three pictures to go
Our school/dining table
With purple cloth, potted succulent, and rocks
Also, in-progress mortification
(Just look at that concentration!)
Our mantle
With burlap . . .
four tiny cacti in purple pots . . .
more rocks, a crown of thorns from the Holy Land,
and big nails from Home Depot
Our San Damiano Cross, shrouded in purple,
and Lenten Sacrifice Beans on the altar table
Kid-made Stations of the Cross
and three wooden crosses, easy to DIY
if you have a handy husband or father or self
Also, more rocks
Close up of the stations
(Hey Bonnie, I see your How Green Was My Valley, The Bourne Identity, and David Sedaris' Naked and raise you some Tolkien, The Lives of the Saints, and The Princess Bride.)
My sick baby, putting on a brave face in his sink-tubby
What I found my kids doing during their morning break
That bean jar is VERY motivational
Our first Soup and Stations (I forgot to take a picture,
but it looked a lot like it did the year this was taken)
I made "Quarterback Soup" which is what my family calls
meatless chili over noodles, ever since the time in 2003
when I made it with football shaped noodles
It just had regular noodles tonight

How is YOUR Lent going so far? Be sure to check out our Lent Challenge if you want to get a reward for something you ought to be doing anyway!