Pentecost is Coming: Celebration Ideas and Free Printables

Before Pentecost can happen, of course, we have to have the Ascension. The kids and I will be observing Ascension Thursday by flying from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. to meet up with the husband who is there for business all this week. It seems somehow fitting to be traveling by air on the feast of the Ascension, but not as good as, say, going to Mass. Technically, we're cool, since the observation of the Ascension is moved to Sunday in both the LA and the DC dioceses, so it isn't a Holy Day of Obligation for us. I really do prefer the historical accuracy of a Thursday Ascension, but this year, we're going with it.
After the Ascension (be it Thursday or Sunday), comes Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended upon Mary and the Apostles. If you are not in the habit of celebrating Pentecost, and for a very long time, *I* was not, you just might want to consider starting, because, as it turns out . . .

Pentecost is Bigger Than Christmas

Check out that post for all about how I learned that Pentecost is the second most important celebration of the liturgical year, my suggestions for some really complicated and fancy celebrations we might want to consider adopting, and the simple yet memorable way our family actually celebrates Pentecost. It totally involves fire. Kids love fire.
And I made you some new printables.
For LOTS MORE free printable prayers, check out my Pinterest board.
Come Holy Spirit, square, on white with dove:
Come Holy Spirit, 8x10, on white with dove:
Come Holy Spirit, 8x10, on red with fire:
Come Holy Spirit, 8x10, on white with globe:
And speaking of the Holy Spirit . . . I'm also at Blessed in She today, waxing philosophical about the sheer muttonheadedness of the apostles of the gospels and the inspiring wisdom and courage of the apostles of the acts of the apostles.
What changed?
Pentecost changed everything. And THAT is worth celebrating. --------- One more thing . . . for my fellow Catholic bloggers. Inspired by some of the beautiful conversion stories we've heard at local Catholic blogging conferences, I'm excited to be a part of a new initiative among Catholic bloggers called The Credo Project. We're going to add a button to our sidebars that will allow our readers to easily click through to Catholics Come Home: a beautiful, faithful Catholic website where they can learn more about the Catholic faith. I designed the image, and Molly from Molly Makes Do made it do stuff when you click it. So, if you've got a blog, please feel free to grab the code and share the love.
125x125 Credo Project
200 x 200
Credo Project
300 x 300
Credo Project