See Me Homeschool

It's a blog hop, y'all. The lovely Micaela of California to Korea and Theresa of Ordinary Lovely have invited me to share a homeschooling day in photos . . . only. No lengthy descriptions, no captions. It nearly killed me.

But here it is. I took these photos last Thursday, on a day when we didn't have any commitments outside the home, Anita was feeling a little sick, and Frankie fell down not once, but twice, during morning exercises. Jack had a phone consultation with his teacher assistant from our curriculum provider, Mother of Divine Grace, as well as an online class. We were practicing our speeches for the Great American Speeches Pageant at our parkday. And it was really a lovely day out here in suburban Los Angeles.

Away we go . . .

And that was our school day. Late afternoons and evenings are sports practices and dinner and bedtimes. But this was a pretty typical homeschool day for us.

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