the BIG purse dump

It was time. It was really time.

I have a purse I love, that I am so excited to pull out every fall. But it was full of junk. Full. of. junk.

Time for a big purse dump.

And since I have a blog, you get to share the fun . . .

Here is my purse:

At 11.2 lbs, it is the second heaviest thing I carry around all day.

Here are its contents:

Here is a closer look:

Here are the details:

1. Diapers: In sizes newborn, 1, 2, and 4 because apparently I'm never quite sure what size my baby is going to be that day. Also, no wipes. Yikes.

2. Random miscellaneous items: Embroidery floss, folding scissors, a magnetic rock with four safety pins stuck to it, a rubber band, and a nail made by a blacksmith at the LA County Fair in 2012. You just never know when something like that is going to come in handy.

3. Rosaries: A rosary is a good thing to have in your purse. I like to multitask, so I almost always say my rosary while driving, or running, or standing in line somewhere. I am also very distractable, so it's nearly impossible for me to say a rosary without holding a rosary. But perhaps I don't absolutely need to be carrying around seven rosaries at all times.

4. Trash: Including leaves, popcorn, receipts, shopping lists, coupons, and delicious looking wrappers.

5. Electronics: I carry my iPad around almost all the time in case I get a chance to read (I do almost all of my reading in iBooks now) or write (in notepad).

And that's my phone. It's all retro Paris Hilton circa 2006, so try not to be too jealous.

6. Money: My wallet, checkbook (also old school), and the $14.71 I found floating around in there.

7. Writing utensils: That's eleven pens and pencils. Eleven. In the event of a zombie apocalypse I will be able to take a lot of notes about the zombie apocalypse.

8. Paperwork: I carry all the kids' shot records everywhere I go because otherwise there is no chance I would ever have them with me when we went to the pediatrician's office. Plus Southwest accepts them as proof of age for lap babies. Two birds, one stone. Also in there, some old appointment reminder cards, used theme park tickets, and a very mangled examination of conscience.

9. Baby clothes: One set of jammies, two onsies, two hats, three pairs of socks, and one stowaway nursing pad.

10. Camera stuff: Spare battery and extra lens for my camera, and a spare memory card for a different camera that I haven't used in a year. Plus my camera was in there too, here is its selfie:

11. Food: I once read a story about a little old couple who got stuck in a snow bank and survived for weeks on catsup packets they found in the car. I wonder how long a family of nine could survive on two suckers, one squeezie applesauce, and three packages of fruit snacks.

12. Beauty products: Tissues, lip gloss, bandaids, hair band? Reasonable so far. Sunscreen, various creams and hand lotions? Okay, maybe. It IS Southern California.

Nail file and clippers? I'm a sometimes nail biter and those things will maybe MAYBE stop me from biting all of my nails off at the moment I notice one of them touching the side of my finger, so those should be in there. Vick's inhaler? Helps with the pregnancy nausea I had just last, um, seven months ago. Floss? Hmmm, not usually an on-the-go activity.

Two bars of soap? Free samples from the doctor's office. I am so not a bring-your-own-soap places kind of mom.

And then . . . there's the giant comb.

And I . . . I just don't know. Seriously. I have no idea. I wouldn't have thought there was a giant black comb in my whole house, let alone in my purse. It looks like it belongs in the mysterious blue liquid at a barber shop.

13. Dinosaurs. And a tiny sword: No explanation necessary I think.

14. Books: February Magnificat, good to have. January Magnificat, not so much. The Holy Spouses Rosary, recommended to me by my friend Micaela . . .

15. Project: In case the rosaries, iPad, pens and pencils, and dinosaurs aren't enough to keep me occupied, I also have this:

and if you're coming to the Behold Conference next weekend, YOU could have it next.

Now for the official categories:
  • It's my favorite thing in here: The ice cream sandwich? But that's gone. I'll have to go with the baby quilt. I really like the colors.
  • Wow, I really have a lot of these: I have kind of a lot of lots of things I wasn't expecting. Bars of soap, diapers, safety pins, fruit snacks, pens and pencils, but I'm going to have to go with rosaries. That is a LOT of rosaries.
  • I've been looking for those: The $14.71? No, I didn't know that was missing. The nail I guess. I think I remember it being up on the shelf above where I keep my purse. But I couldn't say I'd really been looking for it.
  • Huh. THAT shouldn't be in there: Almost everything, but mostly that comb.
I switched purses to something a little more "late winter/early spring" and put only the least crazy stuff back in there (plus some wipes), and now it only weights 7.6 lbs.


Okay, YOUR turn. Dump out your purse and let me know your answers to the official categories, or categories of your own choosing. You can answer in the comments, or link up your blog.

No cheating, except for Kelly. Kelly's funny when she cheats.