The Force is Strong With These Guys (but you already knew that)

Sometimes I get contacted about sponsored post opportunities here on the old blog. And I try to be really discerning about which ones I accept, because I want my blog to feel honest and consistent. I only want to do a sponsored post if it fits with the mission of my blog; if it's something I would have written about anyway.

And then sometimes, someone asks me if I would be interested in getting two free boxes of Star Wars Cereal and taking pictures of my kids eating it and giving YOU GUYS a coupon for a dollar off so you can get some for yourselves, and I'm like, "Mission, schmission. Send it over."

Because tiny marshmallows and Star Wars are two of our very favorite things around here.

We are big fans of breakfast in this house. But we usually keep it pretty simple. Like eggs, oatmeal, bulk bag of oat-based cereal simple. So imagine how excited my kids were when they opened a box that came in the mail and found not one, but TWO boxes of super fun cereal.

It also helped them understand why I had told them they couldn't eat breakfast until they went to find their Star Wars dress-up stuff.

All the kids had some.

I had some too, because: Journalistic Integrity. And also: Pregnant. So I can tell you that this cereal tastes like the Trix rabbit and the Lucky Charms leprechaun have joined forces. At last.

It is quite tasty. Thumbs up.

Remarkably, the cereal only has nine grams of sugar per serving. Especially since: Look! Tiny Yoda head and Clone helmet marshmallows!

And the cereal pieces are Tie Fighters!

I'm pretty strict about our breakfast cereals being less than ten grams of sugar, because I'm not particularly interested in them turning into complete maniacs before they're even dressed for the day.

But I do like to be a cool mom and let them choose a special cereal for special occasions. This one is definitely going into our special occasion rotation (especially since there's a coupon).

These two boxes featuring Yoda and Darth Vader are only available for a few months. Then new character boxes will become available. So git 'em while the gittin's good.

What are your breakfast policies? Do your kids ever talk you into buying the cool cereals?

Are tiny marshmallows allowed at your house? Which side of The Force are tiny marshmallows on, anyway?

Important questions, people.

Click here to download a dollar off coupon.
And check out the Big G Cereal Wars Tumbler for memes, recipes, contests, and craft ideas featuring all of General Mill's Star Wars Cereals.

The kids prepared their bowls of cereal all on their own. Does that mean it counts for Kids Cook for Themselves? Let's say yes.

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