The Three Most Important Things I Do Before Having a Baby

Hey all, I'm super excited to be guest posting today for my friend Haley from Carrots for Michaelmas while she finishes up the edits on her Liturgical Year Cookbook.

The Three Most Important Things I Do Before Having a Baby

If you’re expecting me to say things like “Taking prenatal vitamins” or “Scheduling regular OB appointments” then you’re probably not familiar with my blog. I’m not against doing those things. I do them. But mostly I don’t pay attention to what “everyone” says you are and aren’t supposed to do when pregnant. I’m expecting baby number seven any time now, so I feel qualified to share with you three things you may not have considered that I have learned are most helpful to the successful addition of a new baby to our family.
So, head on over there to find out what they are! . . .


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