The Tierneys Go to Washington, Part II: "Bring It" Jesus, a Bloggy BBQ, Monuments, and Forced Marches OF FUN

This is part two of our Washington D.C. area family adventure, if you missed part one, you can check it out here.

On Sunday, we went to Mass at the very impressive Basilica National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, where we got to meet a fella I like to call "Bring It" Jesus.

Apparently the locals call him Angry Jesus, but either way, he is NOT messing around. You will knock it off this second or he will turn this basilica around. (Molly.)

Frankie's a big fan.

Every time I look at this I wish I had taken Frankie's shirt halfway off.

The whole place is very beautiful, and very manly. And the mosaics are right in my wheelhouse of church aesthetics preference.

The kids loved this many-headed serpent mosaic. You don't see that every day.

In kinder, gentler news, Lulu liked the side chapel of her patroness.

Then we went to Mt. Vernon, to visit with ol' George and the fam.

I could use a yard like this.

They had some cool activities for the kids that had them running all over trying to solve puzzles.

Then, we were lucky enough to get to meet up with Rosie of A Blog for my Mom (here's her recap), and Mary of Passionate Perseverance (she brought this, it was super yummy) for a barbecue at Rosie's house.

Complete with Ascension crafts.

Yay for IRL meetups with bloggy friends.

Monday was the craziest day of the whole trip, schedule-wise. And, the hottest.

Along with Saturday's tour of the White House, our congressman's office set up a few other free tours for us. We visited the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. Our tour guide was great, and made the process of printing paper money very interesting for kids and grownups alike.

Then we hustled over to the Library of Congress, which Great Googley Moogley is THE most beautiful building I have ever been in in the entire United States.

Every inch of it is both visually appealing AND infused with meaning. Like the best of the old churches in Europe, EVERYTHING means something.

And SO MANY BOOKS. I loved it.

But we had to run off in a hurry to make it to the Capitol Tour.

THEN, we walked all over the National Mall to see the monuments and memorials and there was ice cream but IT WAS REALLY HOT.

Lincoln Monument . . .

Nice hair, Bob.

And if you're wondering why Lulu isn't wearing any pants . . . I don't want to talk about it. Let's just say it was a diaper the U.S. Capitol won't soon forget.

The Vietnam War Memorial . . .

The Korean War memorial . . .

A sweaty break in the shade for the cousins. Then RIGHT BACK TO HAVING FUN.

The relatively new and (amazingly) traditionally beautiful World War II Memorial . . .

And the Washington Monument . . .

It looks really big here . . .

But it's actually only half a Gus high.

Annnnnd . . . there's more. But that's probably enough for today. Stay tuned for BIG NEWS of a throwback nature on Sunday, and the end of the trip recaps sometime next week. Have a lovely weekend!