Things I Do Before Having a Baby

We've all heard of "nesting:" all of the sometimes useful, sometimes random stuff pregnant women feel compelled to do before

1. Finish Writing a Book

well, I've

So, I . . .

1. Sewed a baby blanket for the new baby. Actually, four.

We don't find out if our babies are a boy or a girl, so I've always sewn two blankets each time: one for a boy and one for a girl. But this time we had different names picked out for Fourth of July babies vs. non-Fourth of July babies. And I discovered that I could design and print custom fabric at Spoonflower, so I got crazy with it and made four different baby blankets.

p.s. If you are an American who had a baby girl on the Fourth of July, email me. I have a baby blanket I'm unlikely to need!

2. Made Mary Jane's baby book.

It is perhaps my greatest accomplishment as a mother, nay, as a human being, that my