This Week in Pictures

Hey! Been wondering what the week has looked like around here? No? Too bad. Here goes.

1. This week in modern conveniences . . . We were without air conditioning from Sunday through Thursday. In the Valley. In July. But we survived. Pope Francis would be really proud of us. Even though it did get up to ninety in the mid-afternoon most days, it cools down enough in the evenings to open the house up, then once it started getting hot by mid-morning, we closed all the windows and curtains and turned on the fans. Cave living. It was manageable, even super-pregnant.

So, ya know, interesting experiment and all, but I do prefer to have it. The new unit was installed yesterday, and I want to make sure it knows that it's appreciated.

2. This week in the liturgical year . . . we haven't been doing anything too involved for saints' days recently. But I can usually manage us a dessert.

Yesterday was Caramel Brownie Teacup Sundaes for Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

Earlier in the week was St. Kateri. I celebrated that one by shutting the kids outside all day and making them forage for their own food. (Mostly) kidding.

3. This week in Frankie . . . In an exciting development, Frankie has moved past general naughtiness into full on thievery. I found over forty dollars in ones, fives, and change in his various pockets yesterday morning when we were doing the laundry.


HE has NO IDEA where it came from. My guess is that it's Jack's money from his job bringing in trash cans around the neighborhood. Or maybe Frankie's been secretly bartending.

We're going to get this kid sorted. It's going to happen. But it hasn't yet.

4. This week in living nightmares . . . Betty has been gone at sleepaway camp with the Sacred Heart Sisters in the local mountains all week.

Jack and Bobby went away the week before, but I gotta say, our daily efficiency is not all that adversely effected by the absence of those two.

I miss Betty. I'm sure she's having fun. But I MIGHT be counting down the seconds until tomorrow.

5. This week in Netflix . . . this box arrived out of the blue full of How to Train Your Dragon stuff.

Ironically, a TV show-themed gift box kept the kids occupied outside for quite some time. So THAT was awesome.

But I did finally give in to their carefully phrased requests to watch the new series on Netflix, it's called Race to the Edge. After all, they JUST want to help me be a better blogger.

Here is their review:
  • It happens between the two movies.
  • It has all the characters, except the dad looks kinda weird on the TV show.
  • It's totally awesome and we love it.
6. This week in my kids all look the same . . . Check out the caricature my parents got of the kids at the San Diego Zoo:

We just have the one model. We keep having it again and again. Good thing it's cute.

7. This week in belated link-ups . . . Here's what we wore last Sunday, when I was at 38 weeks:

Have a lovely weekend everyone!