Whale Puppy Pajamas and Jellybean Tautologies (no chickens were harmed in the conducting of this interview)

While we're out of town, I thought you might like to get to know the family a little better.

Here's interview number seven: Cranky Frankie himself.

What is your name?
I don't know.

Frankie, what is your name?

How old are you.

What do you like to eat?
Brekfas. I lika eat brekfas.

Hey, who's that?
Thas Jack.

And who is Jack?
He's my friend.

Who is your other friend?

What do you do with Beatrice?
Play with her. I think her is my friend. I give her hugs. I say her something about cars.

Who's that you're holding?
Thas my Lotso.

Ah, yes, Lotso Huggin Bear from Toy Story right?
From Toy Story FREE.

Is he a good guy or a bad guy?
A bad guy. He smell like shawbies.

What's on your jammies?

What kind of animal is Shamu?
A puppy.

Are you sure he's not a whale?
No, it's notta whale. I wanna go inna playroom.

I'm pretty sure he's a whale. You can go in the playroom when we're done with the questions.
Issa lotta questions.

Where's Daddy?
He at work. Daddy go a work. Miss Claudia go a work. Mommy not go a work.

What does mommy do all day?
Play a toys and eat snacks and take a nap. And do a iPad.

Anything else?
School? And the baby?

What's your baby's name?

What do you like about Lulu?
She can't play with toys, but I give her some.

What toys does she like?
Brown and orange and black. I give her black. LEGOs.

What toys do you like to play with?
I lika vroom a cars. I lika jump a tramopline.

Are you a good jumper?
Yes. I lika jump outside. The trampoline is over der. You can't see it.

Do your brothers and sisters jump with you?
Yes. Betty lika watch me jump. Betty plays wif me. Mommy plays wif me.

What does Mommy do with you?
Mommy watch me play with LEGOs.

(For the record, I don't believe this has happened. Ever.)

Do you like to watch shows?
I lika watch a ponies.

What is your favorite day of the year?
Halloween. My birthday nexa Halloween.

What's your favorite kind of animal?

Do you like to hold them?
Yes. And throw dem inna grass.

So they can fly? Are you ever scared of them?
No. I just throw dem inna grass. They are very sof. I lika pet them. Der's pictures of chickens.

Can I hava jelly bean for ask a questions?

Yes Frankie, you may. Why do you like jelly beans?
Because I like dem.

That's a tautology.
Thank you.

You're welcome Frankie.