Winter Wonderings

This is the post I had scheduled for today. In light of current events, I also wrote another post. But please feel free to enjoy some winter frivolity alongside the more important stuff.

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Dear Adam,

It has been really cold here in LA lately. It's barely supposed to crack 60 degrees today. Brrrrr!

This is not me. It's my brother Jack.

I hear it's even colder in Toronto where you live.

Before I was born, my family used to live in Chicago. My oldest brothers and sister say it was pretty fun.

Once, when there was a big snow, my dad built a little sledding hill in our backyard. A little birdy told me your dad does something even cooler in your backyard.

My mom really loved Chicago, but didn't love having to get everybody into warm clothes to go outside in the winter time. Here, we only have to keep track of our sweatshirts.

My Gramma still lives in Chicago. When we visit we have the same rules my dad did when he was little:

No whinin', no cryin', no beggin' for food
and you carry your own coat.

How does your family handle winter?
What fun stuff do you get to do? How do you keep from feeling cooped up? Usually I go outside to play with my sister while the big kids do school at my house. Do you still go outside and play in the wintertime?

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Look out! Lent is coming!

Your friend,

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