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Oxtail Soup - October 18 - St. Luke

October 2023Recipes

St. Luke’s symbol as an evangelist is a winged ox or cow, which is the inspiration for this fun feast day dinner! I love it when I get to serve a saint story-themed meal to my children, the idea of which will be shocking and horrifying to them, but that is actually a totally normal dinner that they’ll like eating. Oxtail soup is perfect. An ox is just a bull with a job (and some surgical modifications), so oxtail is just a cow’s tail, which, once it’s skinned and whatnot, is just a piece of beef with some bones in it. Ethnic grocery stores often have them in stock, but any store’s butcher counter should be able to get some for you. In a pinch, you can make mock oxtail soup with a combination of beef stew meat and marrow bones. We also make it for the January 28 feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas, in honor if his “dumb ox” nickname. 

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Oxtail Soup - October 18 - St. Luke

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